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  1. Sounds like it might possibly need a new head gasket. Im very tempted, but worried it wouldnt make the drive across the country.
  2. Yep. Just got a reply saying that he is currently living in Turin and isn’t available to show me the car in person. and if I could send the payment via PayPal as soon as possible that would be great. He will then ship it for free to London. Such a nice man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i might play along with this one for a while πŸ˜‚
  3. So.. I sent an email to this fella "Ian" when the eBay advert was still alive Just got a reply with a big story about how the car is parked up in Inverness and belonged to his father who passed away 3 months ago. He is willing to let it go for Β£3250 delivered to my door. He also sent me about 10 pictures of the car. This clearly has to be a scam as it looks really tidy. I'm going to reply to him with a lie & tell him I'm up visiting family that way in a few days time, and I could pop over and pay cash for the car. That should flush him out, as I'm sure these scams must rely on you paying via western union or Paypal etc.
  4. Very suspicious list of cars for sale under that seller. Seems to have one of everything...
  5. Im looking for a rear roof section to replace this modified rear window set up.
  6. Bit unlikely, but I'm looking for a used 400 kit. I already have a kit from Martin (who has the original moulds) that I will be using on a different car, but looking for a second kit for another car that isnt as mint and I can't justify spending as much on this car.
  7. Thanks robah. I was hoping someone may have some used ones as I'm on a budget coming up to xmas.
  8. I'm in need of a set of lowering springs for my manta b coupe before Dec 16th It will be running 17" alloys, so I don't want to go excessively low. Open to suggestions
  9. There was a disc, but couldn't get near enough to read it and the glass was gone a bit green. But I think it said 01/94. I could be wrong on that. I hate to see cars like this left for dead.
  10. I work in the rail industry and Spotted this on a walkout today. Shell looked fairly solid from what I could see under the grime. Such a shame. I'm thinking of asking the owner about it in the off chance they would be interested in a sale.
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