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  1. Thanks Mick. Unfortunately, unless it's the school holidays, I can never do anything on Wednesday evenings.
  2. Sorry for the short notice folks, but if anyone's interested, there is an informal 'Vintage & Classic Car Meeting' at the Greenhouse Cafe, East Langton Garden Centre, in South Leicestershire on Wednesday 19th March. It starts at 4.30pm with a live band from 6.30pm. More details from 01858 545819. See also: http://www.langtongreenhouse.co.uk/index/LatestNews/Entries/2014/3/19_Vintage_and_Classic_Car_Rally_to_become_a_permanent_fixture_at_the_Langton_Greenhouse.html This is on the B6047 Market Harborough - Melton Mowbray road, just off the A6 north of Harborough. Incidentally, the road is known for being the Leicestershire 'TT Course', although a lot of it has 50mph limits so take care! I can't be there this month, but I thought it worth posting as it's a relatively new event, and with the demise of Ashby Folville, it might be worth checking out.
  3. I'm in the process of tidying up some of the rusty bits underneath my van and intended to go out today to get some aerosols of Hammerite Smoothrite black paint for it. I called in to Aldi on the way to buy it and discovered they've got various colours of German made 400ml aerosols of rust inhibiting paint for metal at £2.99 each. Smoothrite is at least £8.00 for the same thing. It's Smoothrite in all but name, and one of their limited offers, so don't leave it too long if you want some. I used some similar brush-on paint from them on my steel garage door last year and it was brilliant. I hope this is of interest folks. Just don't buy all the gloss black please, I may need another couple of cans!
  4. Here's a load of stuff about Charlie's SD1: https://www.google.co.uk/search?num=100&client=firefox-a&hs=Y9p&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&q=charlie+broomfield%27s+rover&spell=1&sa=X&ei=37UfUrjlMc-3hAfos4HIDw&ved=0CCoQBSgA&biw=939&bih=618 It's a Rolls Royce Meteor engine out of a tank though Hugh, not a Merlin from a Spitfire (I got hold of the parts list for him back in 1993 so I have a bit of inside knowledge).
  5. Having passed her MoT with flying colours yesterday, I'm pleased to say that Vienna has this morning gone to live with a chap named Josh from South Wales, and a very decent chap he is too. A real pleasure to do business with, and I hope he enjoys the car as much as I have. So after 12 years of Manta ownership, I am now down to just a few odd boxes of bits and a couple of wings, but no car. It feels strange, but it has been a rollercoaster ride, mostly very enjoyable (with one notable, but no longer remotely consequential exception), and it's been good to have got to know so many throughly nice people through the club. Thanks to all who have helped me out over the years, for the help with selling the car the last couple of weeks, and I hope Billing is as dry as a bone for you all this July. I've no doubt we'll meet again. Cheers, Joe.
  6. The garage couldn't MoT it today but they're hoping to do it for me on Friday, and if it passes, I have a chap hoping to come to see it on Saturday morning. I'll keep you posted folks. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks very much chaps. I might have someone interested in it without the need to advertise it again, so I'll keep you posted. If that comes to nothing, I'll certainly take on board all the wise advice, which is much appreciated. Sadly, to tax it it needs to be insured and I'm trying to avoid that expense, but if I'm lucky, it could be MoT'd today if my garage manage to squeeze it in. I'll know after about 3pm.
  8. Yes, I'll have to admit I'm rather disappointed that with all the apparent interest it still hasn't sold. I wasn't expecting great things. After all, who would buy a car they hadn't seen for a lot of money? I'll see about an MoT later this week and perhaps try again as you suggest. I just want it to go to a new home so I can have my garage back. Anyhow, thanks for all the encouragement folks. It's been very much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Danny, I hope you're right. It may just be down to money, as times are tough for most folks and these days our elderly cars (can I call them that?) have become more of a hobby than a necessity than ever. And yet, Retro is the in thing as far as I can gather. God this last couple of hours is dragging! I've just moved the car out and taken a load more photos in the sun to try to fill in the time.
  10. Yes indeed, it possibly needs a boot rather than a tailgate to sell. Still, let's see if any of the 153 watchers (gulp!) makes an offer right at the end.
  11. Thanks Tony, that's most helpful. If it doesn't sell this time, I'll try a different approach, perhaps with a 'Buy It Now' figure included.
  12. Well, just under a day to go and no one has even been to look at the car. I dropped a clanger with the timing really. It should have finished this afternoon rather than tomorrow when everyone will be back at work, but if it doesn't sell, I'll see about getting it T&T'd and hope that encourages a few more bids. 145 watchers at present, which is fairly encouraging.
  13. And the red brake drums look terrible (as they always do).
  14. Er... http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/33147-nice-black-gte-hatch-on-ebay/
  15. And now they're all gone, please delete the above totally irrelevant post too Mr Mod (& well done with the clean-up) Just in case anyone sees this before it's gone, if you'd been on here earlier, the whole site was an advert for interesting chemicals from overseas.
  16. My goodness I'm glad I'm not a Moderator any longer this morning...! Aren't they just the worst kind of *ankers. Good luck cleaning it up chaps.
  17. Thanks for that. I hope that if it sells and the buyer hasn't seen it, they're happy with it. I do feel they're taking a risk, even though I'm confident it's as I've described it.
  18. Things seem to be ticking along nicely, with over 100 watchers (mostly from the Club I assume - thanks folks!) However, I can't quite understand the people who have bid so much for it without asking to come and see it first. I hope they're not disappointed with it if they win. It might be nice to have a question about the car itself too. I'm somewhat perplexed by what I've been asked so far. Is this typical of eBay car sales these days? Cheers, Joe.
  19. Thanks Gary. And to you too. All the best, Joe.
  20. Hi Steve, Sorry, our posts crossed there. I'd love you to have it too. I take it in November there may be wedding bells ringing out (almost) in the Wash? Congratulations indeed to you both. I assume you've got a nice Capri already booked as the wedding car...?! (Runs off to hide!) All the best, Joe.
  21. Thanks Danny and Dave. Sadly, I've kept it for 18 months longer than I ought to have as it's just sitting there feeling neglected and simply not being used. Other interests have taken over (4mm scale - Rab will understand) so it has to go. If I'd got more storage space, I'd almost certainly keep it as I'll probably never be able to find a better one in future and with Mantas, as we all know, you can have time off from them, but they do tend to return eventually. I've had a morning dodging snowflakes today doing some cleaning and polishing. It's amazing just how much I've already forgotten about the car. I do hope it sells as it deserves to be used and, I hope, further improved. Best Wishes, Joe..
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