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  1. Damian( the photographer) would like to clarify that there is a little photoshop involved, but its only to layer multiple exposures in order to get rid of the light trails from him walking around the shot with his light source. Hope that clarifies any confusion.
  2. Great to see you guys today. Damian is really looking forward to what was discussed today as am I
  3. Thanks Guys. Here are a few more for ya
  4. Looking good! Reminds me of my build with nice fresh painted parts n shiny bits sat against the white! That could be my old rear spoiler as I did some trading of parts with Drew .
  5. Sorry guys thats the eBay item number
  6. Maybe of some use to someone! Has a few other bits too 190672578993.
  7. Oh just reminds me of my project! Rest assured with Retropower it's gonna be an epic job done.
  8. Full feature coming up in the next issue of Retro Car Magazine! Also full business profile on Retropower too! Now theres a perfect reason to get out there and buy it. I'm sure it will be one hell of a read !!!
  9. I have a 4ha on my ascona with a dana LSD! Mounted with commodore lower arms and 5 link upper arms. Wider one for the manta/ascona and the shorter one for manta A ,kadett/chevette. Retropower are the guys to speak to on this as they have a vast knowledge on these axles. Agree with Rutts not too much heat!
  10. And more than welcome Rab ;-)
  11. Thanks Dan Great turn out guys, enjoyed it! As Dan mentioned I missed out on car of show . I had to leave due to work commitments ! Just finished my night shift n have been up for 23hrs but well worth it!!
  12. I would say the same as Rayman, that's where I got mine!! ;-)
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