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  1. Yeah the slightly modified comment did make alarm bells go off in my head. Thanks for all the advice though people. Think i will just tart up the rostyles for the time being.
  2. Has anyone got an opinion as to whether these will be any good for my Cavalier coupe? My link Better still has anyone got some on a manta or cav?
  3. cavalier


    I need this radio and the extension, let me know if you have another Mark, or if Rab doesn't have it.
  4. Hello, does anyone have any decent examples of these wheel trims that they would like to send my way? One of the ones I have is particularly bubbly so needs replacing. It is to go on a MK1 Cav with standard 13inch Rostyles. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Picked it up today! Driven it the 200 or so miles home without any issues, despite pretty much doing it's annual millage in one trip. Love it already.
  6. Btw your Manta looks amazing! Love the colour!
  7. Many thanks for the extra pictures! Exactly the same faults he told me about. I have no intention of buying it to make a quick profit, nor customising it for that matter. I intend to keep it, enjoy it, and as and when I can sort out the few minor things that need doing. It looks even better than I thought in those pictures. You can't beat the MK1 Cavalier in my opinion esp the coupe. Thanks once again.
  8. It is indeed the one in Peterborough rapierdave, is the pic your own cav? Looks very good. Glad to know it's about the right sort of money. Not had an auto for ages, think it will take some getting used to. Thanks for all the info guys.
  9. Thanks Spiney, I figured it was hard to put a price on them. I think if it is as good as it sounds 1500 should be about right. I saw the red one in Scotland a while back with nice steel wheels, but didn't know what it went for.
  10. Never really thought about an auto like that Lawsy, but a good point. I have seen your saloon, looks mint, but I'm really only after a coupe at the moment. Good luck with your sale, I'm certain someone will have it at that price.
  11. Hi Folks, I am thinking about buying a very good condition MK1 Cavalier Coupe, only downside being that its an auto. Just wanted to know what is a fair price for it? What sort of price have any gone for recently? Many thanks Frazer
  12. Surely it's meant to be a grand? 10K is slightly over the top.
  13. I really want a Sportshatch again, and a good one at that. Thinking in the region of 800 - 1000.
  14. Not that MK2's are ever going to win prizes for beauty....... but common, seriously!? Not for the weak of stomach
  15. Have a look at my animations http://vimeo.com/user3520420/videos
  16. MK1 Cavalier Facebook Group Please join up! Upload your pictures and post links to adverts or even sell your own car via the largest social network community in the world. Many thanks, Frazer McLeod
  17. Click here for a link to a rotten green MK1 Cavalier, 2.0 4 door variety. It is a double whammy as it also states that a MK1 Astra is available in brown. Fill your boots
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