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  1. any one run bike carbs , and std ECU to run the spark ????
  2. i dont want to run a stand alone dissy ECU , but have th ECU for the redtop thot i could save some $$ dooing it this way if it works , this is going in to a nother manta a i got a yellow one with a black stripe came from inverness in 2005 , you mind it , if shes on the road i will take her to tain
  3. any one run bike carbs and run the standard ecu to run the dissy only ,will this work , whats the best bike carbs to put on and what needs to be moded with them , for road use ,would be happy with 160/170hp
  4. Hi Roy passed them cars menya time , is the blue one a 1.8s , be good to see the 400 back on the road
  5. Hi and welcome , nice cars there , hope to see you two about at some point
  6. ther must be pop buying things like this gave me a laff tho. its just a pity i dont have 50 lighter sockets in the car LOL
  7. seen this , i am going to get 50 off them and hope to get 600hp form my standard manta engine :) http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3f1c6c2fe6
  8. vealmonkey

    Manta A

    i will have a look at the headlight panel in the next few days to see if its in beter shape than your one .
  9. vealmonkey

    Manta A

    nice project you got there when you hoping to get her on the road , PM me as i have a manta A as a braker up past inverness , she is prity goosed but may still be a few panles that can be saved .
  10. Hi and welcome nice to see a nother manta A up this way , i have one for bits but most of the panles rusted out
  11. thats going to be a sweet car when she is done , it looks you have cut a bit out of the bulkhead ,will this cos you any trouble to get her on the road to pass the safety test ?
  12. dont think thats the same one , i think it may be heading up to wick or thurso
  13. spotted a nice looking manta b heading north wed the 5th on a trailer geting towed with a pug thing camper van at alness any one hear
  14. some nice pics , looks like a good day
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