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  1. This one used to belong to a young lad called Jack. He was often on the forum looking for help and advice. He also owned another white hatch DUX for a short time
  2. Spotted a beautiful white E registration GTE hatch on the A1M Monday afternoon. Looked like it was going off onto the A64 towards York. Made my day seeing it.
  3. There are two batmobiles there. Yes I also checked on their website and it isn’t listed. I didn’t bother looking underneath as I am not going to bid on it but if you are interested it’s worth calling ahead to inform them you want to have a proper look at it and they would more than likely move it so you get around it easily. They are a very friendly bunch.
  4. Beautiful Carmine Red GTE hatch coming up in Mathewsons’s October auction. Apologies for the picture quality it was crammed in with plenty of other cars so couldn’t get a decent shot. Looks nice though with the best interior IMO
  5. Could anyone please clarify the correct part number for the Bosch Fuel Pump used on the GTE. Reason I ask is because I carry a selection of spares just in case including coil, ignition module, fuel pump relay etc and with VBOA upcoming I was going to include a fuel pump too. I think mine may well be the original one and, Well you never know !! The parts microfiche CD states the part number is 09292723 but when I google that not much comes up other than it’s an “in tank pump” which is clearly incorrect as the pump on the Manta sits on a bracket along with pre filter etc. I have found a company in Sheffield which lists genuine Bosch pumps but the part number is Bosch 0580 464 008 / Opel 90020443. When I google Opel 90020443 plenty of places clearly list that as being suitable for the Manta GTE but thought I would check on here first. thank you
  6. Yes straight in, I removed the door card to make it easier except I lost the little clip that holds the window winder handle on, as you do 😩
  7. Fitted my new reprotec door glass guides. Significantly reduced wind noise. The old ones were very degraded. That’s 34 years for you
  8. Thanks for the replies. Seem worth having then.
  9. Hi. Can anyone please remind what the possible issue is with having this piece missing from the door glass. I discussed it with David from Mantasport but that was months ago and I have forgotten what his words of wisdom were😔. I have seen you can get remade ones from Germany for 30 quid which seems reasonable. Should it be replaced and what do they actually do. Thanks
  10. I emailed Adrian Flux weeks ago as I wanted to make a mid term adjustment to my policy but nobody bothered to contact me
  11. That’s the one Wayne thanks. I have messaged you.
  12. Thanks for posting. I will bear those in mind. Thanks again
  13. Thanks Wayne. Much appreciated Yes I have seen them thanks. They are quite expensive for what they are.
  14. I know Herman they are expensive for what they are that’s why I thought I would try and get a decent second hand one , I could wash it through and use. Thanks
  15. Hi. Has anyone got an injection pre filter they could sell me. It’s the black plastic thing that sits under a coupe just before fuel pump. Thanks
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