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  1. Great thank you Thanks
  2. Hi. Could someone please post a close up picture of the throttle body paying particular attention to the throttle stop screw. Mine has disappeared somewhere and I am getting hold of a new one this week. There’s a picture in the Haynes manual but it’s not that close up and it’s a black and white image. Thank you
  3. Distributor cap. 2.0 GTE 1235522196 Fuel Pump Relay. 2.0 E 90158189 / 90158443 / 90214673 Fuel Filter. 2.0 E 25164435 Brake drum. 230mm diameter suitable for GTE. 90135264 Fan Belt. 2.0 Engine. 90016655 Oil Filter. 2.0 CIH. 93156299 Ignition module. 90008144
  4. There is one on eBay. It’s a Philips 751 which is a slightly lesser spec than the 752 which had auto reverse. Cassette is not working though
  5. Hi. Has anyone got a half decent card radiator tray. It's the bit that sits between rad and front panel. Needs to have intact fixing holes as that's where mine has gone. Can collect and pay at VBOA this weekend. Ta.
  6. Try pushing up onto headlining from inside the car . You may well feel/hear a crumbling which will indicate that the tray is starting to go. Has the roof started to show corrosion on the top side? i did exactly the same with mine, no corrosion on the outer roof skin but feeling the headlining inside all was not well. I took the required steps to rectify, you might want to do the same before spending your hard earned on a paint job. good luck.
  7. Rothmans is spelt wrong. Can't advertise fags anymore. Off to buy a lottery ticket or two
  8. Hi. I am after the clips that hold the sun visors in place. They must have the pins that splay out to hold them in place ( why they couldn't just use a screw is beyond me). Thanks chaps Chris
  9. as it says in the title I am after an AAF unit off a fuel injected GTE surely they must be a few still kicking around cheers Chris.
  10. The reverse sunroof was a clever idea as the Manta 400 did not have the best of ventilation to keep occupiers cool, even Mike Broad commented on that on the Manta Magic vid. Also the Dakar 400 had a huge runner board on the boot lid so co driver could stand on it and jump up and down to help aid traction in soft sand and mud.
  11. That's great thanks. I will give that a go this weekend. It has a fully reconditioned AFM fitted barely a year ago and I will be leaving that well alone. Thanks again.
  12. Would that effect it not ticking over when cold? Everything was rebuilt a year or so ago when the head was taken off and a new cam fitted . Thanks for the response though. Auxiliary air valve checked the other day. Very slightly open when cold and closed when warm
  13. Hi My GTE will not idle when cold. Having had a mooch round on the internet I have discovered that the brown temp sensor is the Thermo time switch which tells the ECU to spray fuel into the plenum via the cold start injector at the back. I have tested this by removing the cold start injector, pointing it into a clear water bootle and then cranked the engine. Sure enough it sprayed a small quantity of fuel. This leaves me to suspect the blue temp sensor may be at fault. Once warmed up it drives a treat, pulls like a train and ticks over fine albeit a bit lumpy due to the Kent cam. Am I right to suspect the blue sensor or can there be anything else. If it proves to be too techy I am prepared to live with it as it soon warms up it would just be nice to have it tick over when cold and I have found genuine Bosch blue temp sensors for less than 20 quid on Flea bay. Cheers
  14. Hi I am after the metal bracket that sits at the back of the CIH rocker cover and holds the injection wiring loom up and away from the heat of the exhaust manifold. I know it's not much but I am sure someone will have one. Thanks in advance Chris
  15. It is not a i200. It is an exclusive and one of the last ones on an E or F plate, star mist black metallic. I have had three of them and they rust a lot worse then the rest
  16. Visited above yesterday and they have a stunning Monaco blue exclusive coupe which is badged as a GSI Loads of interesting vehicles there including the Campbell Bluebird exhibition
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