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  1. Thank you for your advice Chris, i will try to find some one expertise in cranks and engines in my zone. In the topic i leave this link to a article talking about cranks http://editions.amospublishing.com/AEW/default.aspx?d=20120323&pagenum=50
  2. I was searching in ebay for a 2.2 crankshaft and it apears one This crankshfat was reworked and weights less 1kg from the original weight. picture off the 2.2 crank (ebay) I wonder what will be the ideal weight loss when reworking and balacing a crankshaft? Thank you
  3. Hi In my manta the front have the conversion to audi discs 256mm and calipers from the cavalier(vectra A) To the rear i read in a german site a manta owner that use big wheel cylinders from a Frontera, i will buy ones to try don't know if is a good solution but i will check
  4. Hello You can search online in this sites, www.mobile.de www.autoscout24.de hope that helps if not this is 2 links from our german friends forums http://www.classic-opel-forum.de/index.php?page=Index7cacf108 and http://www.opel-hecktriebler-forum.de/ Good luck
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, it is great to learn more and knowing diferent opinions and routes. I'm trying to set a main goal to my engine and i'm open to study all the options and the use off chevy parts as rallybob use is a good option because we can buy at good price the parts in us ebay the only problem it will be the custom fees. Samuel
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for the info, that is good news if wossner is doing 2.0 pistons to the long rod version, and for the tip to check the combustion chamber with the top piston crown. What type of pistons that you prefer flat top or with crowns? I have reading some topics in opelgt forum and rallybob use a lot flat pistons. thanks Samuel Costa
  7. Hello, Again thank you Montza for your tips, i'm thinking use the original diesel deckel (i don't know if i will use the pump with 30% increase with the original oil sump) The tip from the toyota conroads is great but i was cheking the data of the conrods and it's for the 134mm conrods (use with the 2.2 or 2.4 crank) My ideia is use the 1.6 crank and 128mm conrods (as the original length) bore the 1.9 block to 95mm use the 2.0 sport pistons from wossner or other brand i'm searching for brands and prices. I'm thinking use the 1.9 head if i use the 2.2 or the 2.4 the inlet manifold are diferent and i allready have the inlet and exaust manifold to use with the 1.6-2.0 heads. The advice to use the valves from the c30se is great i just check in ebay and the prices are very atractive http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380396135261&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:de Just a question the 46/41 valves don't will be to extreme to the 1.9 head? It's a simple swap? In ebay we have this option to the valve,s polished and with a improve design to better flow, comparing with the 3.0 valves what will be the best choice? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Neue-Bearbeitete-Ventile-2-0-2-4-CIH-40-45-mm-Kadett-C-/260918873892?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item3cbffa0f24 Enem have many parts and they must do a good job tuning the head, i need to check the currency to the swedish crow. The camshaft that i have is a kent op244 (290º) probabily the most high cam that i can use in the road. I not find yet a company near to me to balance the crank and flywheel but when i find i will discuss whit them the option to balance all together. In relation to the flywheel, i have seen in ebay some flywheels in aluminiun, do you recommend to use this type of flywheel, or the good old steel flywheel is the best to go? 2908642343 If you are preparing a build thread about a 2.4 engine that will be great, i will read it and i know that i will learn a lot. Is great to change ideias and opinions about the cih tuning, the best is learn how the things work and why choose some ways instead of others. Thank you The CIH sound is like music thanks
  8. Hello Montza, Thanks for your advice. My choice it will be use the 1.9 block bore to 95mm (to use 2.0 pistons KV carworld have a pack of sport pistons) Use the 1.6 crank balance and polish (I have read some where that we can nitrate the crank and conroads to stronger the stuff) The conroads after many research and thinking where i have read that the old conroads are forged and better i discovered the place, it was in the opeltuners site http://users.telenet...ih_conrods.html The others choices it will be use the 1.9 head ported and with 40/45 valves To the oil pressure i'm searching for the diesel oilpump deck (i don't know if the increase of 30% it will compensate with the original sump.)
  9. Hello Montza, Thanks for your advice, you are a person with a lot of knowledge about the cih engines and tunig. I'm thinking to use the 1.9 block because in Portugal is hard to legalize others engines in the car, the bore it will be 95mm i wish to have a reliable engine. The chevy pistons are a option but if i bought it from the States i have to pay customs fees and the end price will rise. Another question, and sorry to the autor of the topic but it's being interesting change ideias with the Montza. I read some where that the old conroads off the 1.9cih are forged and they can be used with out problens to 7000rpm, do you know something about this? Thanks
  10. Hello Montza, thank you , the pictures show cleary the diference, if i find a 1.6 crank i will go for that route. I don't know that 1.9 block was better in terms of cooling, that is good news, but if the chanels are close to the cilenders i have to be carefull doing the bore, i was thinking only boring to 95mm in your experiencing what is the maximum bore that 1.9 block can handle? Thanks
  11. Hello Montza, In your opinion the 1.6 crank is better than the 2.0? I have a 1.9 cih and i'm collecting parts to spiceing a little, in your opinion what will be the best crank to the 1.9block larged to 2.0? Until now to my engine i have: kent cam op244 hard valve springs (lexmaul) 2 40 dellorto dhla (i will put 36 or 37 venturi chokes) kent vernier pulley Thanks
  12. Hello Don't know if helps but take a look to this ebay ad http://www.ebay.de/itm/Getriebe-5-Gang-CIH-Omega-Kadett-GT-E-Ascona-A-B-Manta-A-B-Mantzel-Irmscher-GSI-/110772017563?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item19ca86d99b Cheers
  13. Hi, I'm thinking to buy some vinyl fabric and try to retrim my dash i take the idea from this guys they heat the vinyl and with suction the vinyl take the forms of the dash. http://youtu.be/gi0zbqNau-4 Hope that helps
  14. Hello Chris, Thanks for all advices, you really are a expert. I will check the opelgt forum to see the pistons and engine tuning. I was thinking to enlarge the engine block to 95mm and put this pistons in the photo it looks to have a good clearence to the valves https://www.shopssl.de/epages/es125089.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es125089_KV-Carworld/Products/9140DA/SubProducts/9140DA
  15. Greentings from Portugal Great machine keep the good work
  16. Very good work, and the jig that you made is a very good ideia Work like yours and from another members made me to buy a mig welder, now i'm practice and hope to improve to do some work in my manta. This is a link from another site (retrorides" http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=usetharch&action=display&thread=70135 this was post from another member and this help me a lot to try to do the work
  17. Great project Hope to see more, keep the good work
  18. Good 2011 to our Mantas Not many news. After reading some topics here and in retrorides i purchase a migwelder. Hope to learn to weld and do some work in the Manta Just bought a omp steering wheel Hope that this year i have more time to work in the manta
  19. Maibe this gonna help, is in german but you can translate Springs Front Springs rear
  20. Top work Is work like this that make me want to buy a mig welder and start to do some repairs in my manta. Cheers Samuel
  21. Yes is great the sensation The satisfaction is great and gives more will to keep going
  22. Some parts that i treat with kbs-coatings system (like por15)
  23. Hi Andy, I'm not planing doing rally, but i hope to do some track days, the manta is to cruising and to enjoy the road in is maximum, so i'm thinking to improve the cooler, i'm thinking in a electric fan and 13row oil cooler maibe is to much. To the engine i have a kent op244 and the kent vernier pulley, lexmaul springs, and dual dellorto 40's (hope to buy enlarge valves 45/40 and port the head)
  24. Hello Not much to say i just have bought some parts to my engine Kent cam OP244 (290º hope that don't be to much high to my 1.9 ) Kent vernier pulley Lexmaul valve springs (96-98kp) And oil temp cooler valve from a moza(i have some questions about the temp that the stat opens) only have pictures from the springs valves and the oil temp valve Take with my mobile sorry the bad quality I don't know if i'm going in a good way to improve my engine, any advice gonna be helpfull I planing to buy a 13oiler cooler and electric fan Buy new followers and large valves(45/40) Port the head
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