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  1. You were just a couple of weeks late as he has to vacate his workshop soo so has been selling off his spares. He didn't think people would want the manifolds so they were all weighed in for scrap. I spoke o him last night and he is rummaging through his workshop and if he finds one he will text me. Obviously I'll let you know. Steve
  2. A friend of mine at Selby is having a clear out and has more than one carb and linkage but is unsure about the manifolds. His name is Rich and he works nights in his unit. 07759074642, give him a call.
  3. I have a mate who has one for sale at £200 and he will guarantee it being a good one. His name is Rich, phone number is 07759074642. The best time to contact is after 3pm to late evening.
  4. I was at my mates last night and he tells me that he has a full lock set for a Manta. I have no idea of cost but his number is 07759074642 and his name is Rich. Hope this helps.
  5. Yes I bought one and it fitted well. I also sent them an instrument cowl to use as a template and they took the trouble to fit cover to cowl foc.
  6. I think that you'll find it in the featured car in next month's Total Vauxhall magazine. It looks very similar to the one that they are touting on the back page of this month's copy.
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