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  1. Hope it goes well Brian. I can't make it mate, sorry. It's my wifes birthday that day. Won't get away with that. Who's going, you want me to send a text to any others and let them know? Dave
  2. Guys, I would suggest you go ahead and organise this yourselves, fix a date and place and go for it. I'm struggling to commit to this at the mo, as Joy is launching a business and a lot of my time is also being taken up with it. If I can get there, I will, but suggest you sort this out between you. Brian, I'm happy to provide contact details for anyone you haven't got if you want to go ahead and arrange? Dave
  3. Guys, I'll look at dates asap. I'm away this week, so will see when I get back. By all means go ahead and arrange something or suggest some dates that suit you if you can?
  4. Great day all, well done for making a great effort to come early. Stand looked great, and best turn out so far for a club stand, 8 cars. Glad I managed to stay most of the day. Pub meet in a couple of weeks anyone?
  5. All, it's starting to look like I'm not going to be able to join you for the day Sunday. I will of course meet you in the morning and give you your passes, but I have a situation at home that's out of my control and I can't seem to find a resolution for. I'll explain when I see you all Sunday morning. But huge apologies. I am gutted beyond belief. Paul, as you know the event well, perhaps you could show everyone where to go and lead them in. If you could meet me there on Saturday afternoon so you can see where the stand is to be, you can take the banner too if you'd like it? I'll text you in the morning. I'm really sorry to let everyone down. Dave
  6. I made that assumption last time Brian and look what happened!!
  7. For anyone that came on Drive it Day, just remember there's a big roundabout with traffic lights all the way round it, not far from Thurrock Services!! Do I need to provide directions out of there also?
  8. That's the right place Brian, assume you're letting Satnav guide you rather than Nicky then? Paul, I've got to pop over on the Saturday and mark out our pitch where they suggest. But not sure what time yet, so that's fine, I appreciate the help but it's only so I know where to go on the Sunday morning when I lead us in, and they know that we'll turn up! Passes arrived yesterday, weather looking ok, so bring your chairs, bring your picnics, and most of all - bring those Mantas! Let have a great day. Dave
  9. Ok everybody, lets get ready for Sunday, fingers crossed the weather is supposed to be ok. For those coming from the M25 direction, if you meet at Thurrock Services for 7.30 and head off just before 7.45, but 7.45 latest, you should be with me in Battlesbridge about 8.15am. Paul, I assume you'll come straight to Battlesbridge? If the rest of you leave Thurrock Services and get on the A13 eastbound and head passed Basildon and Pitsea, stay on the A13 where it forks just passed Pitsea, keeping to right hand lanes. You'll then come to a roundabout, but if you keep left before it, you can use a slip lane and join the A130 towards Chelmsford. About 2-3 miles along the A130 you want the first exit towards A132 Wickford or South Woodham Ferrers. It's actually the A132 towards South Woodham Ferrers you need for our meeting point. Expect things to be busy with classic cars around this junction. Don't follow them though, we'll be meeting elsewhere first and going in together. Leave the A130 slip road and keep left at the traffic lights. Join the A132 and head towards the Rettendon Turnpike roundabout, about 200 yds. Take the third exit of the roundabout, A132 towards South Woodham Ferrers/Burnham on Crouch. About 3/4 mile along this road is a double pull in on the right, the entry for Hayes Caravan Park. It's directly opposite The Lodge Pub/Restaurant. If you pull into the 2nd entrance, then we can line up there ready to head into the show in convoy. It gets manic getting in, but hopefully we can keep sight of each other this way. Any questions, let me know. See you Sunday.
  10. I would suggest we need to meet at the meet point near the venue about 8.15am, so you'll need to leave Thurrock services by 7.45am. Perhaps you all meet there about 7.30am? Sorry its an early one. I'll add directions to the meet point in Battlesbridge tomorrow.
  11. Got my pass yesterday. Forward parking for car park A or B hopefully. Can't wait. Hope you have a good day too. Dave
  12. Ok, not quite as exotic as it sounds. But there will be at least one manta at the Goodwood Revival this year. I shall be there next Friday on a corporate hospitality stand and am driving down in the Manta early on the Friday morning. Anyone from the club going? Never been before, really looking forward to it.
  13. 8 now paid as above. I'll now start a reserves list and try and secure more spaces. Thanks everyone. Dave
  14. Saw this at Billing, it looked a lovely car. Dont think it matters its an auto. Would prefer the original square lights on it, but seems a bargain at that price. It certainly looked solid. Lovely car, hope it finds a good home.
  15. They've agreed an 8 car stand so far. I'm trying to push for more, but it is a really popular show and I'm late submitting an entry. 5 are paid, so it will be first come first served for the other 3 places. If I can then get more spaces, we can sort out then. Dave
  16. smiffy220

    rip off

    I'm with RH too. Looked after me well, only pay circa £100 and they've given me extra use cover when I've asked for no additiional premium. I used to work in the same building as them. they're good guys.
  17. So following our pub meet last night, we now have 5 confirmed and paid for this event, with at least another 2-3 likely, and I think we can get more. I've enquired after a 10 car stand. Paid are:- Me, Karl, Brian, Paul, Sharon, Wendy, Dean, Richard. Possibles:- Jay, Dom I'll send some texts to see who else I can persuade. If we over subscribe, it may mean having reserves.
  18. Well what a turnout, thanks everyone. 10 cars is a record for us. Will some pics up asap off my phone, but a really enjoyable evening and a superb lineup of Mantas. Roll call of owners; me, Paul, Stuart, Karl, Dom, Brian/Nicky, Sharon/Jim, Wendy, Dean & Tony (not yet a member but I'm working on it). Look forward to our next show.
  19. I think a smattering of interest, me, Paul and Brian. I'd like to beat last years 6 cars, can we make it 10? This show is worth it, all sorts there, plus an auto jumble!
  20. If you need a reserve car, happy to put mine forward again guys.
  21. Are you after a good clean solid example as most are? Not a project car? Hatch or Coupe? I reckon for a really good one, you're looking upwards of £6k these days mate!
  22. Great colour preferences Stevie!! Welcome along and good luck with the search. I assume you mean Mk2 Cavalier SR then not the Mk1? I nearly bought an x-reg Mk2 SR Cav a couple years ago. Was only about £1250 and looked good in red. Cursing I didn't buy that one now too!!
  23. Cheeky sods, dont think the original whole paper cost that! I hope nobody bids on it!! You could probably ask for a back issue from CCW for free! Lol. Weather forecast not good for Sunday.
  24. smiffy220

    rip off

    In that case Julian, that sounds to me like purely an admin cost levied by Flux as the broker, not something charged by the insurer. A lot of these big brokers like Flux, Hastings, Churchill etc levy large admin costs on every adjustment, supposedly to cover their cost in making the change, which is a 2 min job on a system!
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