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  1. Jack the car is testament to everyone who has helped me along the way.... James for the restoration and body kit fitting, James and Ade for the initial xe fitment, Paul Newport for the subframe and underneath work, masterauto for the paint, Retropower for the blitz cloth and Paul for the finished seats, all the people that have helped with parts, storage, trailer'ing and advice, and of course retropower for the turbo'ing... None of which would have been possible without this club.
  2. Well I forgot to take any pics of it at the Gathering, so I've borrowed these off the web (hope the taker doesn't mind!) The drive home through country lanes was utterly immense, when this thing is on boost Many thanks to the Retropower team.
  3. I can't help thinking that a Gold 400r would be immense. Good luck with it.
  4. Too busy hiding under my hoodie!! My nose still got burnt though.... I look like a proper alcoholic
  5. yep, awesome noise: but as you can imagine, driving this home was my highlight, I was a grinning idiot all the way home
  6. Sorry I didn't get chance to chat Paul... though probably best if your FiL was around Some pics... Early start Hill climb
  7. That's for exhibitors to get parked up before being open to the general public...
  8. Nah I'll be picking up the 400r ....hopefully there should be 5-6 mantas there at least
  9. Get yourself in you won't be able to miss us or retropower....
  10. Not this year... just travelling up for the Sunday... pop over it'll be awesome
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