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  1. Send money to my account..... 😅😅😅
  2. Sounds really obvious, but make sure you havent pulled the light switch into the "OUT, interior light on" position. I only mention this as when I 1st got mine I couldn't find out why the light was on til I got the book out.... OOOPS, easy done if you don't know.
  3. I traded a MK4 Cortina for the Sportshatch I have now in 1983 & was amazed how different (in a good way) the Cav drove.
  4. Regarding the seats: I had a a pair of ex manta Recaros retrimmed in leather.
  5. Welcome to OMOC, loads of help on here, suggest you support & join the club.
  6. You need to get a move on, you slacker.....😅
  7. Looks fantastic, good job.
  8. Howdy, rubber looks due for replacement & suggestions are I put the whole new set in, question is:- What's the part number & are they easy to get hold of? Cheers folks.
  9. How I wish I had electric in my garage to run a heater or dehumidifier. I do put a few of those little plastic pots in from the Pound shop, they collect a lot of moisture & definitely help. I will run the engine for 20 minutes or so every week at least, so don't worry about fuel & open up the garage to "air out".
  10. It's that time of year to put the old lady to bed. As always I put the car up in the air on axle stands, suspension settles nicely & tyres don't need turning. Also I can run the car & in gear so lots of moving parts are, er moving... Bumbers are oiled up & a general grease round where it might need it. Fitted cover then a large dust sheet finish the job, battery is in the house having a charge & recondition. What do you folks do if you store yours?
  11. Others in the background, also what looks like a bronze sportshatch.
  12. I actually looked at these things in the 80s, after much consideration:-
  13. Yep, I have the originals on my 1980 reg Cav.
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