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  1. Cheers, we have been together for quite a while now... I wonder if it will outlive that Merc.
  2. Not quite, the 1st pic is where I grew up in Blackburn, there is an ASDA, Halfords etc there now, the 2nd pic is in Ramsbottom which refuses to move out of the 1800s.
  3. Just found this pic from Feb 1985, with polished (filthy at the time) Wolfrace slots & B F Goodrich Radial TA tyres. And currently:
  4. Forget trying to source the same seat material, I worked for Wardle Storey in the mid 90s, we supplied the auto industry with plastics, Vauxhall being one of our customers. Using contacts at Vauxhall trim dept, they tried in vain to get details of the cloth & original suppliers, I eventually gave up & had a pair of Recaros trimmed in leather with rusty red colour hide chosen to match as nicely as I thought. I do still have my old front seats in storage in the attic somewhere, they were in much better nick than yours, I stress they were when I put them away. Don't know what time will have done for them.
  5. Just need to look at the assortment of geneal crap they trade, do you really want to send money to them for Manta parts? If anyone has done, please share...
  6. Sounds like many a weekend & evening hour in the garage, good luck with it.
  7. The battery chap told me when I got a new one back end of last year to top up charge every 6 weeks or so if not in use. MIne is stored over winter so at the end of the month I will park & up & remove the battery, and top up every 6 weeks or so.
  8. Sorted on Sunday, cleaned all contacts & earths around side light, changed for a yellow & away we go. Thanks chaps.
  9. Cheers Chaps, will have a good look at the weekend. I noticed the cowl wasn't illuminated, the heater motor was working nicely but obviously couldn't check the side lights as I was pottering along the M66 to work. When I replaced the fuse (quite a thin strip of copper) & switched the lights to side it pinged straight away, I left it at that. Would you suggest trying a yellow one?
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