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  1. This Red un turned up, maybe not for long, anyone on here? Sorry for 3 pictures but I can't seem to delete them in edit mode.
  2. Pretty sure my jack was just held in the rear nearside shelf at side of wheelwell with a rubber bungee, it wasn't in a bag (that I can remember), the screwdriver & wheelbrace were in a little green plastic sleeve thing.
  3. plumster


    The joy of a 3 clock dash....
  4. If you want to see filler used in massive lumps then smoothed to shape, check out Hughes Speedshop on Facebook & their album titled Pontiac Fillerbird,. Its my mates car & he was a bit shocked to say the least when the truth behind the paint was revealed. Don't know if this link will work.... https://www.facebook.com/pg/Hughes-Speedshop-698356200194932/photos/?tab=albums
  5. That's pretty cool & still has all the trim, bloody hard to find now.
  6. Looks about right to me:- Its so you can reach out of the window & pull the aerial up..
  7. Be £500 if a rubber seal wasn't missing......
  8. Get it swapped for the upgrade polo version.
  9. Have we tried the obvious Voltage regulator, my heater gauge used to go into the red after a few minutes & that's all it was.
  10. You can't beat this lot when you need help that's for sure. Gotta be worth £25.00.
  11. Best I can do for you is 4 of the bumper trim bolts, drop me your adrress & I will fire them over to you.
  12. Hi Julian, pretty sure my sportshatch had the pipework before I binned it for a Weber conversion.
  13. It's all the chrome trim on the Cavs & earlier Bs that make them different & to my taste better looking than the later trend for block colours & no trim. Good job you're doing, just so glad I bought new trim before it disappeared.
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