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  1. I assume that the screw is just spinning & not tightening against the plastic peg....
  2. Welcome indeed, I'm sure whatever you ask one of the Anoraks on here will be able to help.....🤣
  3. Welcome, lots of support from the folks on here.
  4. Just bought a T Shirt with this Cav Sportshatch design:- Notice that the same folks do a Manta shirt which may be of interest:
  5. For years & years my cav was jet washed underneath, left to dry off a few days then sprayed with new not old oil, I'm pretty sure that's what saved mine. As its a "dry" car now I'm steadily cleaning the underside bit by bit, no rush.
  6. plumster


    What if you have a fat lad driving ?? 😄
  7. Get welding..... and don't forget to show us what you are up to. Welcome to OMOC.
  8. Are you thinking of Clive who used to make them in stainless with logos, also radiator trays?
  9. plumster

    New swan neck

    I drop off & pick up on a regular basis to a local powder coating company, I will have a word with them. Might just settle for whatever they have jobs in for..... sounds like a cheap option 🙈
  10. plumster

    New swan neck

    That is magnificent.... I'll have to think about that one 🤔
  11. plumster

    New swan neck

    Jess.... How rude. 😆
  12. plumster

    New swan neck

    Blinkinerry, you chaps have got me thinking about getting my rocker cover powder coated..... What colour though, RED or BLACK ? current look below:-
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