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  1. Pricey, but available: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Door-Locking-Interior-Rosettes-Chrome-Vauxhall-Manta-Captain-Admiral-Diplomat-B/133162703808
  2. No problem, I know where they are now.....
  3. Found some of the rascals, I have a dozen, let me know if you need them.
  4. I will have a dig in my box of bits & see how many (if any) I have lurking around.
  5. I recently replaced all my wheel nuts & 60deg sounds right.
  6. Bloody Sportshatches.... get everywhere 😂😂 Welcome, all the help you could need is on here with these folk.
  7. As Ian says, pretty sure these are part of the rear brake assembly.
  8. Looking good the revisit has certainly paid off. Just a quick question: should there be chrome trim along bottom of boot & around the rear lights?
  9. Welcome, I'm sure the A types will be looking to help, can you post some pics of your project.
  10. This Red un turned up, maybe not for long, anyone on here? Sorry for 3 pictures but I can't seem to delete them in edit mode.
  11. Pretty sure my jack was just held in the rear nearside shelf at side of wheelwell with a rubber bungee, it wasn't in a bag (that I can remember), the screwdriver & wheelbrace were in a little green plastic sleeve thing.
  12. plumster


    The joy of a 3 clock dash....
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