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  1. Is this another guage that is prone to misreading if the voltage regulator in knacked?
  2. If its one of these you are after, £80.00 would be a really good price & you need to grab it. They are rare to find in decent condition.
  3. They are a rare piece, good luck with the search.
  4. Welcome, the Cav Sportshatch is a great car, just like the early Manta B which the Manta nutters like so much.....😅
  5. Would be grand if you do some pics of the process so we can see what the finished job is like.
  6. Erm, the big lumpy thing that makes it go seems to be missing....😁😁😁
  7. Hi Dan, I see you are redoing the floor soundproofing, I forgot to take pics of where the factory fitted stuff went, so wacked it on everywhere:
  8. I assume that the screw is just spinning & not tightening against the plastic peg....
  9. Welcome indeed, I'm sure whatever you ask one of the Anoraks on here will be able to help.....🤣
  10. Welcome, lots of support from the folks on here.
  11. Just bought a T Shirt with this Cav Sportshatch design:- Notice that the same folks do a Manta shirt which may be of interest:
  12. For years & years my cav was jet washed underneath, left to dry off a few days then sprayed with new not old oil, I'm pretty sure that's what saved mine. As its a "dry" car now I'm steadily cleaning the underside bit by bit, no rush.
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