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  1. In relation to this post: My membership lapses tomorrow (06/04) should I renew or hang fire?
  2. Wonder if 20 or 30 mins on low heat in a tumble dryer would sort the creases in the headliner.....
  3. They never had the chrome trim around the rear that was cavalier only Ah, always suspected the Cavaliers were a cut above the others. 😉
  4. Maybe its been patched up with odds n ends from other cars, strange that there is no chrome trim at the rear, (Bottom lip of tailgate & above rear lights) or maybe they never had them on the Opel hatch. Looks sweet, but steering wheel is on the wrong side..... What the heck is that all about 😆
  5. Hoorah!! job done, not a big job & probably due to regular oil spraying for many years, they came out pretty easy. Used a small jack to push the new ones in & squash the rubbers a bit & got the top nut on easily. Small win but very satisfying.
  6. Hi Ian, I have ordered a pair of QH ones that should be the correct size.
  7. So..... if anyone needs a pair for your Manta, give me a shout, ain't no use to me.
  8. What a smashing day, time to get those drop links replaced:- Well rub me down with a salted cod, the replacement ones (listed for MK 1 Cav) are too frikkin long. I am to say the least a touch miffed. Actually..... after checking the listing says suitable for Opel Manta B CC, so like a knob I assumed they would fit.
  9. Look like early B or Cavalier, no holes for side indicarors or more modern bumber/airdam spoiler thingies.
  10. Sadly that probable poverty spec two door mk1 Escort in pic 4 will be worth a fortune compared to a great manta in todays market.
  11. Welcome, especially to another North Westerner..
  12. Send money to my account..... 😅😅😅
  13. Sounds really obvious, but make sure you havent pulled the light switch into the "OUT, interior light on" position. I only mention this as when I 1st got mine I couldn't find out why the light was on til I got the book out.... OOOPS, easy done if you don't know.
  14. I traded a MK4 Cortina for the Sportshatch I have now in 1983 & was amazed how different (in a good way) the Cav drove.
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