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  1. Welcome, the folks on here don't have a problem with the Cavs, well they are the same car just different badge, helped me out loads over the years. Here's my old gal, looking good thanks to the help of local Manta guys, especially, Rutts, Carl & Danny (RIP).
  2. Aye, think Andy Rutts or Danny may have sorted me out, I have slept a lot since then.....
  3. Cheers folks,will check that.
  4. Please let me know how that goes, had the same thought last time I was out that the wipers seem tiny.
  5. Hi folks, where does the handbrake light switch live, mine flashes on & off when the handbrake is clearly off, so I'm assuming the switch is sticking or dying. But, where does it live? Thankeee..
  6. Same here, bodyshop used another pair of outers to make really tidy inner wheelarches.
  7. Possible, but I have had the HT leads on & off quite a bit, maybe I should replace them all anyway, ticks another box.
  8. After the trauma of not being able to open the bonnet was sorted... Took out all 4 plugs & sod's law they were quite clean, certainly none of them blackened. So changed all 4 for a new set of Bosch plugs & pottered off to the seaside, 80+ miles & it never missed a beat. Thanks all for advice, I will keep an eye on it over the next few ride outs before I feel confident to go on any really long runs.
  9. UPDATE.... got Mrs B to press on the bonnet while I oiked the cable & voila... it popped open. Given everything I can get to an oiling, so see how it goes. Thanks again for your advice folks.
  10. Cor blimey Vince, that was a bit drastic....
  11. Spotted by a mate of mine who sent me the pics. Says its a minter...
  12. Reeto, will have a meddle tomorrow evening. Cheers.
  13. That engine looks magnificent.... I want it.
  14. After 39 years I think the car is taking the p1ss now, thinking I will swap the plugs & make a start hunting down why pot 1 is giving a sooty plug, I can't get the darn, damn, dirty, rotter bonnet catch to release. Any suggestions? I have covered the car up & closed the garage... I know this won't help but it stopped me swearing at it. 🤐
  15. I would say sooty, more than oily, tomorrow afternoon I will whip the offending article out & have a proper look, maybe even post a pic for ya. Cheers chaps.
  16. Yeah on Weber carb with K & N filter, I am going to get a new set of plugs 1st & monitor the performance. I don't have access to a compression tester so that will have to go on the back burner for the mo. Cheers chaps, will let you know how it goes (or splutters).......😆
  17. Can any of you folks explain why the spark plug just in number 1 cylinder regularly get sooty? It cause the odd miss & is disconcerting, its stopping me from going on any long runs, once cleaned car is smooth & revvy but after a few miles seems to do it again. Any suggestions welcome, cheers.
  18. Are you from Accrington by any chance? Just assuming from your moniker.
  19. Mine are the Rota OSR model on the Cav, I went for the 5 spoke look.
  20. Fake split rims, although only 15s, I think they look alrighty.
  21. I see the listing has been changed, I contacted the seller to suggest the name OPEL is used not OPAL..😆
  22. Cor blimey, that front bumper makes the car look hideous. 🤢
  23. Are the reflectors metal or plastic, I canny remember......
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