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  1. Who was looking dimensions of rear screen dealer sticker . It is 300 mm. X 50mm
  2. why are comments like the one above by evo 3000 not discussed openly , my membership is due soon , i honestly do not know what to do . i like the mantas every bit as much as any member of the omoc .
  3. i am in need of the internal electrics out of a dizzy for my manta , has anyone got any lying about please ..
  4. it wa bought by a chap last week .
  5. 400 . With monza engine basically
  6. this car may be found , i have heard , and still in ni .
  7. hello sam88 , i am in ni as well have you got this car ????
  8. i am getting above engine as mentioned on fb . what electronics do i need to take from frontera as well as loom and ecu ??
  9. you use the same commodore / monza bearings and have to get sleeves made to fit the stubs to make up the difference . other machining to be done as well .
  10. poddy

    400 Meeting

    my dream car ..... ex works manta 400 ............ might happen someday .............. heres hoping
  11. Did you try the spax psx kit , 40mm lowering kit .
  12. i rang retro power but was too late this evening .
  13. looking for a pair of outer skins for above to go down as far as the jacking points . who locally sells them or has anyone got a pair to sell ........
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