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  1. Holy moley! That's quite the package, better than any stuff the couriers ever bring me!
  2. It was the same number as the GM one I think...and it cost a whole €3!
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. I got a mate of mine in Poland to get one for me, some sort of Daewoo or other used the same.
  5. I bought a vdo one off these guys years ago. At the time it was cheaper than anywhere else I could find, even with shipping. https://www.jegs.com/i/VDO/918/360-028/10002/-1
  6. moodoo


    Yeh...it's a case of me maybe making it worse, not better! Mine should be black but is faded, and there's a bald patch on the tunnel beside the clutch pedal. I suppose I could spray the carpet, and the bald patch too, at least if that were black it wouldn't stand out so much. I'd just be afraid of making a complete bags of the carpet. I've seen some guys on a forum or other with TVRs who have seemed to use fabric spray to good effect, I always thought it was a bit of a botch effort, but the photos of those cars look good. Will continue looking....
  7. moodoo


    Folks, In an ongoing effort to make the inside of my A-series a bit more pleasant, am looking to replace the tired carpet. Has anyone ever bought a carpet set from any of the online suppliers? These guys list 'A series', but show a picture of a B, so not sure which it is: https://www.carcarpets.co.uk/opel-819-c.asp There's also a guy selling them on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264971722726?hash=item3db18b9fe6:g:WZ4AAOxyeR9TLx9g Or anyone any other suggestions? Am wondering with these aftermarket sets, do they end up being a bit 'patchwork quilt', since the pieces aren't moulded, just multiple individual sections? Cheers, Fin
  8. ...and sorted! The 'B series' one I bought from TJM fitted fine. I had to take the rack off to get the old one out, it was pretty tight on the shafts. Getting the new one on was a bit of a struggle initially, because of the tight fit on the shafts. In the end, I used a spare steering shaft I had, and trial fitted to both sides of the UJ on the bench. That made sure it was open just the right amount to make it easier to fit into the car. All tightened up...and no more rattling! Man, was I a happy bunny...funny how a small thing can spoil your enjoyment of something, the rattle was really getting on my nerves. Thanks to all for the help and advice. Fin
  9. Hi Andy, thanks. I actually left the original lower bearing in. It was ok, and I didn’t want to start introducing potentially another issue before I found what was causing the knocking noise!
  10. Thanks for the offer. I bought one off TJM, he lists them only for the B-series, but on the Dr Manta site he lists the same part number for A and B series. I haven't got it fitted yet, but it looks dimensionally OK for the A-series. I'll update if and when I get it fitted, just for the next guy who comes across the thread.
  11. Thanks for the tips, mine is an A series, is it the same procedure I wonder?A series doesn’t have a spring above the UJ, at least mine doesn’t!
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