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  1. Hi Andy, thanks. I actually left the original lower bearing in. It was ok, and I didn’t want to start introducing potentially another issue before I found what was causing the knocking noise!
  2. Thanks for the offer. I bought one off TJM, he lists them only for the B-series, but on the Dr Manta site he lists the same part number for A and B series. I haven't got it fitted yet, but it looks dimensionally OK for the A-series. I'll update if and when I get it fitted, just for the next guy who comes across the thread.
  3. Thanks for the tips, mine is an A series, is it the same procedure I wonder?A series doesn’t have a spring above the UJ, at least mine doesn’t!
  4. Great, thanks Andy! On changing the joint...better to take the rack off, and do it from that end, or take the column out, and do it from that side?
  5. Nice project Richard! I'd be very interested to find out about the engine spec of that turbo CIH, would love to build one someday.
  6. Hi Andy, I think a Viton gasket would be suitable. You’d only need a small piece, I might have some spare Viton pieces in work, I could look on Tuesday. I’ve never used it, but hylomar blue is supposed to be fuel resistant. Not sure about it in a tank though, you don’t want any stray bits getting sucked into the fuel system!
  7. Thanks a lot for the suggestions, and for checking your own setup. I spent a while double checking everything this morning. It turns out (I’m 90% sure) that the noise is actually coming from play in the bottom universal joint. I’ve found there is play in the joint. If I get the wife to rock the steering wheel gently, the ‘clack clack’ is there, as per my earlier video. If I then wedge the uj a little, the noise disappears. The crazy thing is that when you’re driving it, it just sounds exactly as if there’s something loose/rattling at the back of the steering wheel, at the upper bearing area. I guess it might be the play in the joint, but the sound is traveling into the cabin up the shaft. At least that’s my current thinking! have to see how to get hold of a new universal joint. Anyone know if my A series would have the same joint as for a B series...and where to get one? Thanks again all for the help. Great to see the forum is still ‘there’ when you need help!
  8. Hi...yes, it is a standard wheel, I just took the cowling etc off it, to make sure there was nothing rattling inside! I don't see anything on the bearing to indicate a right way up or down, looks symmetrical to me. The funny thing is, with the wheel and the spring on, there is zero sideways movement of the wheel or steering shaft. The only thing that remains is the damn rattle 'from the bearing'. I've only checked with wheels on the ground, not with it jacked up. A local guy is going to make me up a plain bearing to try instead of the original. At least that way I can find out if the bearing is the thing making the noise for 100% sure.
  9. This is the noise I have when the steering wheel, spring, etc are in place.... manta_bearing2.mp4
  10. Thanks. Obviously I can’t see the bearing with the spring, thrust washer, and steering wheel on, but even after putting them in, when I rock the wheel back and forth just a fraction, I can hear a click-clack. Then if I grab the wheel and give it s good shake, I can hear the same ‘rattling’ from the bearing area. I might get a plain bearing knocked up out of plastic, and fit that instead, just to determine for sure if the bearing is making the noise or not. I can’t see what else would be causing the noise though.
  11. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions...everything is tightened ok...but looks like my new bearing must be junk too then, if you should have zero play in all directions. If the video works below, you can see what I've got. Still a bit hard to see, but it's not the shaft moving relative to the bearing, it's the inner race moving. The result is that even with everything fully assembled back together, you get a serious rattle when on any sort of bad surface. The amount of movement is tiny, but the rattle it makes is doing my head in!! Manta_bearing1.mp4
  12. That's be great if you could check. Maybe the new bearing I have is a cheapo far eastern version. Are genuine ones still available?
  13. Folks, Is there a better bearing available for the top of the steering column? I've had a rattle from somewhere around the column area for ages now. Finally tried to track it down. Got as far in as the top bearing, and I can see the steering shaft is able to move (sideways, not vertically) ever so slightly. Looking really closely, the shaft is a good fit in the inner race, but the inner race can actually move slightly in the bearing. Got a new bearing, fitted it, and it does exactly the same! If I put the wheel on, and rock it side to side, the bearing makes a slight noise, I'm guessing from the inner race hitting the balls in the bearing. Is that just the way those bearings are? Thanks, Fin
  14. I knew I had read somewhere about the early 1.9s being thicker castings, or is it just the quality of the material? Early ones also definitely did have forged rods, I have a set. There’s a couple of good pics on opelgt to show the differences. Good luck at the machine shop!
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