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  1. Wow Ian. I've been mostly offline for a month or so, part of a sort of self-imposed de-stress. You've made some progress since early July! Fair play, delighted for you.
  2. moodoo

    Steady does it!

    Think you're going to need a bonnet scoop there Andy! 😂
  3. moodoo

    Steady does it!

    Great stuff Andy! Your steering rack idea all worked out for clearance then?
  4. moodoo


    Hi Andy, Long time no talk, sounds like you're getting there then?! When I was priming mine, I just did it with the rocker cover off until I saw oil at the followers. You might have solid followers tho? Pressure is just pressure, right? So if the ignition switch is on, voltage at the sender, presumably the reading you would get will be right? You could always just rig up a temporary mechanical pressure gauge for testing purposes, so as to take any question about the sender out of the equation? Hope all are well, Fin
  5. Good work, you're at 110% dedication for sure!
  6. Nice work! I need to replace the bearings in my a series steering column too. Is it a big job to get the ignition barrel, signal stalk etc, off? I was a bit scared off by the Haynes manual talking about shear bolts etc. In practice, how big a job is it?
  7. Now that would be a good trick! Chris - did you manage to find any number 5s?
  8. Thanks Shug, let me know what you find, and if you're happy to sell what you don't need out of the set. Chris, If you send me your paypal too, and a price for both sides of 7 and 5 (if you have 5), I'll pay you for those.
  9. Thanks for the diagram Chris.I need 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 for both sides I would take 1, 5 (if you have them) and 7 off you, and if Shug is happy, one of us can buy the 1,2,3 set, and we split it as we need? Shug - this was your thread...can we agree on a deal for the 1,2,3 set that means you get piece 3 for the driverside? Either you buy the set, or I do, and we separate it as needed? Fin
  10. Thanks Andy. Shug, if Chris only wants to sell as a set, we could come to a deal to split it between us, so you get the bit you need?
  11. Just caught up with your thread, had missed out since Christmas. Wow, some progress, great work. Great patience and perseverance too. What are we all going to do when you're finished?! Any chance you'd start on another resto straight away...?!
  12. All 3 pieces? Sorry, I’m confused...! Is it not a single piece of trim that runs from the joint at the top corner of the A pillar, along the gutter, and down the C pillar? I need the A pillar bit, and the other bit that runs along the roof and down the C pillar. (shug - you’d have first refusal anyway...)
  13. Hi Shug, I can't help I'm afraid, I need the piece for both sides! But any chance you'd sell one of your spare passenger side pieces? At least that'd get me halfway there! Fin
  14. ok, thanks for the suggestions guys! Fin
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