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  1. Sorry Steve, I thought I had already replied days ago, must have missed the ‘submit’ button! Thanks a lot, no worries on the rings, as long as the pistons themselves are usable. Please pm me with a price and we can arrange payment, shipping etc.
  2. Don’t be a stranger Andy! Great work with your car, your writeups on here and your blog are also great sources of information and inspiration for those of us yet to start our projects!
  3. Great, thanks, let me know what you find when you get a chance.
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a set of good 2.0 cih pistons, std or oversize. I would even consider a decent bottom end, but shipping that might be a challenge!
  5. Hi...Do you have a bottom end, or just a block? I'm looking for a reasonably fresh standard 2.0 bottom end....or maybe even just a decent set of 2.0 pistons...
  6. +1 for oil bypassing a valve stem seal. I had this exact issue...car would run sort of OK, but kept oiling up one plug. No blue smoke or anything visible. Stem seal was broken...changed that and no issues since.
  7. Well done that man. You should be very proud. (BTW, I've only just now noticed...your cars dash has 4 vents, 2 centre and 2 edges...mine only has the 2 centre ones...did the dash design change for later cars or something?)
  8. ...on the AFM, the idea would be to ‘stiffen’ the spring on the standard unit, so the metering flap doesn’t max out to full open too soon? Basically to make sure there is always flap range available over the full throttle range? Does the BMW (e30???) one just basically achieve the same thing as standard, I’m guessing because it needs to come from something with a 2.5/3.0 engine?
  9. Great, thanks for the help Jess....sounds like you know what you're at...unlike me! Brake booster pump...why so? Because the 'pressurised' inlet plenum has less vacuum to supply to servo?
  10. Some numbers and thoughts...corrections and opinions welcome! The Eaton M45 has a capacity of 0.737l/rev, say .75L per rev. and maximum a speed of 14000rpm. 2.0L engine has an intake capacity of 1000cc per rpm. Maximum rpm is say 6000rpm. Gear the supercharger to rev twice as fast as the crank. Supercharger now gives 1.5L of air per revolution of the crank. Which is 1.5 times the air needed, 1000cc 1.5 X atmospheric pressure = 14.7 X 1.5 = 22.05 PSI, Less atmospheric pressure of 14.7 = 7.35PSI of boost. So should give 6Psi ish, allowing for losses? In terms of setup, it would look something like this. There seems to be some disagreement out there on whether a 'recirculation valve (like a blowoff valve basically, just not venting) is needed. High throttle openings: TB1 open, TB2 open, Bypass closed, Recirc (if fitted) closed. Low throttle openings/idle: TB1 closed, TB2 closed, Bypass open - this allows the engine to draw in air without it having to go through the supercharger. Now lets say you have wide open throttle, and you snap lift off to change gear. TB1 shuts - but you have lots of pipework, intercooler etc full of 'high pressure' air (I realise it's not very high pressure, but still)...is a recirc valve needed to relieve that pressure to somewhere back before the supercharger? If not, will it not be like putting the brakes on the SC, as it suddenly has nowhere to push the air to? I would think a single suitably sized bypass/recirc line will be sufficient. Having a suitably big recirc line as shown below would be a lot of extra pipework to bring from inlet manifold side all the way over to before the supercharger. Good enough to keep the Bypass line short, just from one side of supercharger to the other, but still fairly large diameter? Any thoughts?
  11. Great stuff Andy! You must be chuffed....just don’t tell your wife you’re ‘finished’!😛
  12. Yeh you’re right...just hard to stop the mind wandering to revision 7 before I’ve even bought a single screw for version 0!
  13. Lancia 037 anyone?! Now you’re talking! I agree that the bypass option would be the way to go for simplicity. In theory you could play around with the spring rate in the bypass valve to tune at what stage the blower kicked in, right? If you were doing the electric clutch version, what would you use to properly control the activation point? Something that was set to come in at only Full, or nearly full, throttle would work, no? You’d never be in a situation with the throttle wide open, but not wanting the extra power?
  14. Yeh, I've had a quick run through some of the MX5 forums, as you say there seems to be a fair bit of info there on supercharging with that M45 Mini unit. Haven't gone into it in huge depth yet, but seems to be enough people that have done it successfully to make me think it could be doable. There was also mention of supercharger units with an electric clutch, such that the blower could be set to be engaged only above a certain throttle opening, thereby eliminating any drag at idle/coast. More standard approach is a bypass valve driven by vacuum off the inlet manifold.
  15. Supercharger itself is fairly cheap second hand...I can do any cad work needed for mounting it and routing air...also have a few suppliers in work who could do any fabrication needed at good rates...then it’s a new fuel pressure regulator, plus supercharger bypass valve, etc...mappable ignition setup, map sensor, tps...maybe a new set of 2.0 pistons or a decent bottom end if I could get one. Need engine bearings, seals etc, but nothing mega money. Like you say, getting the thing mapped, even just the ignition, may be the single biggest expense. Better never to total these things up too much in advance...save scaring yourself...you know how man maths go! If I got that lot screwed together and going ok, I can always upgrade TBs and injection later.
  16. Thanks a lot for the input guys. Food for thought. I wouldn’t consider my 2.2 particularly fast, it is nice and torquey up hills alright, but then I built it myself, it’s never been near a rolling road, so maybe I made a bags of it!! You have full mappable ecu and throttle bodies on your 2.4, right Andy? Any less costly options for fueling a 2.4? Standard manifold with ecu? Le jetronic with different fuel pressure reg? I think building a decent 2.0, with a supercharger, is likely to be a fairly economical route to a nice ‘fast road’ engine, at least in my head! If it worked out ok, I can always add proper injection and TBs at a later date. I need to measure the cc of the chamber in the 2.2 head I have to see where CR would end up. Its got I think 46mm inlets, not sure on exhausts. mind you...as my project is a standard rolling shell at the minute, I won’t be needing an engine any time soon!!
  17. Right now I have a 2.2, on 2.0 LE injection. It’s no rocket ship, but it’s fine. If I were to go 2.4, I don’t know if I’d really notice much of a difference? I have a spare ported 2.2 head, so I’d build a new engine rather than mod what I have. I’d need a new crank, pistons, rods, basically a 2.4 bottom end, which mightn’t be easy to find, or cheap? I’d need more fuel in it, changing the fpr to give me more pressure would be a much cheaper route than going full mappable Ecu, although Probably pointless trying to run a 2.4 that way, you’d have to go for a proper ecu...and maybe throttle bodies? I guess you could run the engine on a proper ecu with the standard manifold?? Alternative is to build a 2.0, and supercharge it. Building a 2.0 bottom end will be more straightforward in terms of parts availability. Going full mappable ecu gets expensive by the time you get someone to map it, assuming you can get someone good. Plenty of guys here who will ‘have a go’, but getting someone who knows what they’re at is a different thing. At 6 or 7 psi, would I need lower compression pistons, or standard would be ok you think? Any idea what final drive am I likely to have in my 1.9 (a series) axle?
  18. Guys, Am pondering about engine options for my Manta...20xe seems the obvious choice...large capacity CIH is an option, but can get expensive...then I thought about a supercharged 2.0 CIH! I’m not looking for huge bhp, something with a nice bit of a ‘shove’ without having to rev the brains off it...supercharger running at reasonably small boost seems like a fairly ‘easy’ option...ish...🤔 Blower from a mini or some such...plenty of room on LHS of engine for fitment. Standard injection with an adjustable regulator? Or needs mapping on a proper system? Standard engine compression with a good head gasket, or would need a set of low compression pistons? Has anyone here ever done it, and what was their experience? Thanks, Fin
  19. Thanks for taking the time to write that up Andy. You’ve done a great job with your car. Can this post be made a sticky so it doesn’t get lost?
  20. Have you lowered your car Andy? What springs are you running? (Sorry for thread highjack...)
  21. You’ll have to make one!!👍
  22. Are the konis a ‘sport’ damper, are they really stiff, or are they ok for road use?
  23. That’s some job considering it’s a wing you weren’t even really trying to paint! Is the polisher hard to use, is there a certain trick to it?
  24. I'm with you Andy, the arch trims make a job of it. Always good to take a break from stuff if you can, anything gets tedious if you're doing it for long enough! Has to be a hobby, if you're not enjoying it, step back, it's easy to be your own critic 'why aren't you doing this or that'...and the fun goes out of it then.
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