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  1. Mine has just expired, I went ‘renew’ on the website, thinking there might be an option to change the membership type at the next step, but I think that it actually renewed my ‘full membership’ option, I just haven’t paid it yet, as I’d like to change to web member...
  2. Hi, My membership needs renewing, I was 'full member -EU', but I want to change to a web-only member. I can see a way to renew for the same membership level, but no way to change which membership level you are? Any suggestions? Thanks, Fin
  3. Ah, yes, I understand now Jess...thanks very much for the advice!
  4. Ok...I am planning on a slightly uprated cam, but not anything too ‘race spec’! What do you mean by sitting at the same height? You mean across all valves, intakes and exhausts? Or just that on a given valve, the lock/collet height should match the spring retainer height? I was going to use standard cih ones on my standard diameter exhaust valves, I just need to buy a set for the 8mm stem intakes.
  5. Thanks Jess. No, nothing custom, just off the shelf is fine, using standard valve springs...just didn't know what, if any, were the difference between different brands/types of retainers and locks.
  6. Maybe a stupid question... I have a CIH head with 8mm inlet valves in it. I need some valve locks and matching spring retainers for it. The valves have a single circular groove in - so once I get corresponding valve locks, and a set of spring retainers with the same locking angle, is there anything special I need to look for? I mean, is there any difference between spring retainer A, vs spring retainer B etc? Anything to watch for? Thanks, Fin
  7. I got pretty much a full set of rubber bushes from Leidinger tuning in Germany a while ago. They gave me some discount off the advertised prices when I bought them all as one batch.
  8. Yeh, good points guys. I suppose it's a bit of 'try it and see'...par for the course when playing with cars eh?!
  9. Thanks guys. For road driving, do you think will I ever notice the difference between say, Gaz, Koni, KYB etc? I can see that something adjustable will be better than non-adjustable, I don't want to end up with something that rattles my teeth out every time I drive it. Is there any way to tell how the settings on one companies dampers compare to anothers though? For example Andy, you say you've the Konis on the softest setting, but if I buy Spax/Gaz whatever, might all their settings be harder than the softest setting on a Koni?
  10. Thanks guys . That’s an interesting looking front suspension mod…any more info? Andy, so you have Koni springs on the rear, and custom made ones on the front? Sorry for the stupid question, but did you have to buy a set of koni front springs, for someone then to match the custom rate to? Where did you buy your dampers?
  11. Hi folks, Curious as to what people would recommend for suspension on an A-series, shocks and springs, either standard, or slightly lowered. Koni, Spax, KYB, others? Thanks, Finian
  12. Is there a visual difference between the LE and L regulators? Is there a part number or pressure rating stamped on them?
  13. Cool...makes sense...thanks for the explanation... (Sorry for the mini thread hijack...!)
  14. ...good to know...does setting valve clearance with the solids come into it? I mean, if I had a Hydraulic cam, and swapped in solids to time it...what would I have to do regarding valve clearances?
  15. Davids method made sense...that one on the Kelfords website is just a brain-bender...! One thing I noticed on it tho, it says that if you're using hydraulic followers, you need to swap in solid lifters when timing in the cam...makes sense I think, but just never heard it mentioned before.
  16. Hi Andy, Sorry to (slightly) resurrect the thread...a query all the way back to the spray gun and compressor you bought... When I look at the spec for the spray gun, it says: Air Consumption – 277 l/min (9.8 cfm) No 5 Air Cap Air Consumption – 311 1/min (11 cfm) No 622 Air Cap But your compressor is: SGS 50 LITRE OIL FREE DIRECT DRIVE VERTICAL AIR COMPRESSOR - 6.2 CFM 2HP 50L Only 6.2CFM? But it worked ok? If I was looking at that spray gun, I would have assumed I would need a bigger compressor than you were obviously able to successfully use. Maybe the paint guys advised you on the compressor? Also the air cap size, how did you know which to use? Has anyone else got any experience with compressor size needed for spraying?
  17. Sorry Steve, I thought I had already replied days ago, must have missed the ‘submit’ button! Thanks a lot, no worries on the rings, as long as the pistons themselves are usable. Please pm me with a price and we can arrange payment, shipping etc.
  18. Don’t be a stranger Andy! Great work with your car, your writeups on here and your blog are also great sources of information and inspiration for those of us yet to start our projects!
  19. Great, thanks, let me know what you find when you get a chance.
  20. Hi, I’m looking for a set of good 2.0 cih pistons, std or oversize. I would even consider a decent bottom end, but shipping that might be a challenge!
  21. Hi...Do you have a bottom end, or just a block? I'm looking for a reasonably fresh standard 2.0 bottom end....or maybe even just a decent set of 2.0 pistons...
  22. +1 for oil bypassing a valve stem seal. I had this exact issue...car would run sort of OK, but kept oiling up one plug. No blue smoke or anything visible. Stem seal was broken...changed that and no issues since.
  23. Well done that man. You should be very proud. (BTW, I've only just now noticed...your cars dash has 4 vents, 2 centre and 2 edges...mine only has the 2 centre ones...did the dash design change for later cars or something?)
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