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  1. Well I trawled through the history file (suitcase) ... and guess what , they're Spax fitted in August 1988 . I guess no ones fitting lowered spring kits to Mantas anymore eh ? .........
  2. After 25 years fitted the time has come to replace the lowered road springs on my Manta B. I was never 100% happy with them as they fronts have always been compressed ( under no load ) to the point where the top four coils were touching ( coil bound ) and therefore reducing the travel of the springs. The ride is very hard . I cannot recall the manufacturer . So who is the preffered supplier nowadays for a 30mm drop for road use ?
  3. All the B series alloy ones we have have triangulated triple rubber bobbins . As for replacement we'll probably go for a 4 link atlas with watts linkage if we change out as we're already running Ford engine and tranex box.
  4. Cheers . I do know that they are identical externally what I'm trying to find out is is the shaft a larger diameter within . Rubber bearing ( with bobbins ) is the same part A ,B ,steel or alloy . I suspect that the myth of the stronger steel torque tube is down to the casing material .
  5. I know ,it resulted in a DNF for us last weekend. Thanks , but I'm still asking if the only difference is in the material of the casing ? I'm going to be fitting a spherical bearing in place of the rubber version and prior to making the cage I want to know what the real difference is between the two.
  6. What is the difference between the steel and alloy torque tubes on the A / B series ? Is it merely the casing material or is the shaft dimensions different ?
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