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  1. Hi Philip I will have a gte exclusive rolling shell up for grabs shortly if interested regards johno.
  2. Will be selling my 1987 manta b exclusive rolling shell soon.. Has volvo 5 linked axle ..selling with 18" wheels new tires fitted. New front disc plus tarrox 10 pots ... Lots of work done to car.. pics on your project v6 twin turbo manta..
  3. Still giving manta a shake down few little niggles re the brakes took her out for run up 610 was damp road- when got back was wearing damp underwear takes some getting used to!!Think need bigger types lol ☺
  4. Nice blower!!☺ Make great sound when on the move.
  5. Done few small things re the brakes fitted two new servos were back seat once lived and piped them up,also boxed servos in keep em looking neat. Tap in project binky on utube mint fabrication (think I need to get out more
  6. johno

    Race Retro

    Hi just reminder that race retro is on at Stoneleigh Park 19th to 22nd of Feb if you fancy watching old group B cars blast around live stage event.
  7. Really mint job your going to have some fun with that!ace retro machine...♧
  8. After 6 years manta finally got a mot had little drive and apart from clutch being heavy and some chattering from rear brakes have check them!drove really well was raining so didn't go mad Up to 3 thousand was good but then after that, was where it got interesting boy sure is a hand full wot a smile I had. Get some tax and dry day see if can scare myself gulp
  9. Mint looking ascona you have there well done!
  10. well failed mot horn not working and the brakes,on inspection one sides had no lining on the brake shoes and brake pads were seized on to the cariers fitted remote servo but guy at mot station thought servo wasn't up to the job of working the 10pot calipers fitted up front after very slow drive down to mot station I new the floor mouted pedal box wouldn't have home for very long so after having some help of my mate ado,gearbox out once more getting rid of clutch cable as my leg aint big enuf to press it down going speak rally design see wot options there are for mt75 gearbox already fitted willwood top hung pedals and accelerator pedal from corsa and it feels right!! the open exhaust sounds mint but after driving it had fit box to tone it down a little!! its a game of snakes and ladders the suck it and option but will get there in the end..still don't no wot 300 horses feels like lol..
  11. For sure its going to eat through tires but to be honest not driven her yet but think in the wet will be waste of time been sorting last few things before its mot nxt week..think when do go for drive and feel full force on boost reck i will fill meh pants! But will keep you posted on that..
  12. Think for next year will fit bespoke gurdal for bottom end will be able rev safley to 7:500 ...and bigger injectors should be on wrong side off 400bhp with that hope manta will still be driveable and not all just wheelspin.. watch this space!!
  13. Hi Martin Never no you may see manta out and about being just up road from us normally go to griffins head pub at Papplewick car meet think first Wednesday in month, we have chat maybe. .laptop is bust workin of me phone not sure bout any pics yet cheers. ..
  14. Had manta on rollers at emerald yesterday she made 315 bhp at 6psi boost..need bigger injectors 14psi of boost should be around 400bhp but that may have be next year .. think for now sort mot out and go for a blast should be fun!!..
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