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  1. I am looking of very good shape black/grey manta b gsi passenger seat (rhd) or driver seat (lhd). I could pick up it and pay cash. Also I could take both seats
  2. cupas

    Gearbox Oil

    Yes it is and it was happen second time
  3. cupas

    Gearbox Oil

    Thanks for the answer. I have one question which maybe will be not correct to the topic. Does it this seal fit to my opel manta b gsi gearbox? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Wedi-Wellendichtring-Simmerring-hinten-Kardan-Getrag-240-Getriebe-Opel-cih-/190851678511?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item2c6fa5812f%C2'>
  4. cupas

    Gearbox Oil

    how much oil need to 5 speed gearbox? 1l is enough? because I don't know how much I must to ship. Now my gearbox is empty because seal of cardan joint was broken
  5. Who could suggest what tyres would be correct on this manta? There are bbs rm r15 8.5j with 195/45 tyres now. Has anybody 9j at rear? I think about this, but also think that it would be not a good choice.
  6. cupas

    Motor Oil

    I used semi sintetic 10w40 last time... car went on it max 3000km. If you are sure that mineral oil is best choice I will change sintetics to mineral
  7. What motor oil is recommended for opel manta b gsi 20e engine (over 200k km)? semi sintetic or ful sintetic and 5w40 or etc?
  8. I am still looking for it and I really need it.
  9. I am stilling looking it. Where I could get this?
  10. I know that it is old topic, but my question is like this. I would like to fit bbs rm 012 which OEM offset is 33. I would like to fit bigger dishes on them. Is it possible to make them 9j rear and 8j front without problem with touching arch? Maybe someone has bbs rm on manta b and could say what the max inches lips could be fitted on bbs rm? Sorry for my bad english speech
  11. Hello, I am looking for such part as in photo which is broken. it is left side sunroof holder. Maybe someone has seen it in ebay? I can't find because I don't know how to call it. photo http://postimg.org/image/shjvbj2rr/
  12. Did anyone buy one of these front spoiler from this person http://www.ebay.de/itm/7050240090-Frontlippe-Frontspoiler-Typ-B-fur-Opel-Manta-B-/271173585603?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item3f23348ac3 ? How does it look in real? I am interested in typ A
  13. It doesn't look like original and what did you use for back of sunroof?
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