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  1. Im in ireland a company called trimtec is swords did them
  2. veron

    Vin number

    its the 1 on the floor they want to see 1 stamped on the body and its been welded over
  3. Hi lads ran into a bit a trouble getting my manta nct,d irish mot there was welding done on the floor at some stage and i think theyve replaced a section where the vin was stamped on the body is it only stamped on 1 section .what are my options ??
  4. can u still get the brake hoses for the front of the gte mines a 85 gte and the hoses are perished they have the square end withe round hole in d middle
  5. havnt been on in a wile heres a couple a more pics
  6. So finally got it finished turned out great has a few little issues but dont we all Just 1 thing to add i got the sunroof seal off east kent trim its not the best fit has anyone used the mk 2 golf 1
  7. veron


    I'm having a bit of bother with getting the indicators and internal lights working I have no power in the first two fuses at all is there a connection or a relay that maybe I'm not seeing
  8. Yea got the bolsters redone in leather couldnt get the material anywhere
  9. Got my seats back today well happy with them
  10. Is this lip inside the sunroof able to be trimmed down slightly i know its a roof support has anyone had this issue
  11. Having a bit of trouble with the sunroof its scraping on the crossmember my bigest trouble is its just above that was repaired so i cant go cutting around it iv had the sunroof in and out 5 times any sujjestions lads
  12. Anyone know where id get a bit of matrrial fof the bolsters for the daytona check
  13. Got another wee bit back together today
  14. Ah theres only 3 in that shed there doesnt seem to be that many silver coupes around was it a popular colour Got a bit more of the dash in today and some door rubbers and trims on iv tried 4 timss to get the door rubber in right and keep ending up with an overlap
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