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  1. If they fit in a chevette they should fit a bit easier in a manta
  2. For some reason i cant reply to my previous post im after a complete axle rather than just a diff its for an Ascona i have just bought as it has the small 1600 axle in im not fused if gte or 1.8 axle it its going to be running red top and at present not 100% sure which box im going to be using either 1.8 or type 9 as have choice of both
  3. Looking for a tidy GTE /1.8 axle be nice if close to northants but will travel
  4. he can be contacted by email Alymac2610@hotmail.com
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/opel/opel-manta-gte-coupe-convertable-/1260044038
  6. something look odd on the n/s chassis leg under the bonnet it looks like its been welded all the way up and behind the battery
  7. as in the title wanted asap complete in axle or on its own
  8. im in no rush so prepared to wait if a mint one is available
  9. im after a manta b steel bonnet, i have a fibreglass one is someone wants to do a deal with it , no dented or rusty rotten ones i dont have the time to do alot of prepping so the better the better
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