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  1. Hi will this Manta be at billing this year would be good to see it??????
  2. Hi thats My friends old car (Paul) known on here as DillV8, i knew he had sold it but didnt no who to or where abouts in the world it had gone??? It is a smart looking manta it made the trip to billing last year, That is the show to go to it is on the 14th and 15th of July at billing aquadrome at Nothampton. Well Done with your purches, i did fancy it my self but same as every 1 got no money, Happy Mant-ering
  3. Hi and welcome, Good luch with you project any pics????
  4. Hi Yes this was my old Manta, wish i still had it and dillv8 is right i put some hours in to this it took me 2 months and a lot of pennys to turn it from a matt black rusty old Manta to this. I have got loads of pics from when i got it to when it went for paint and then when i was putting it back together. Sorry to tell you this but i dont no where the people got the info about it winning 1st and 2nd at billing????? but it didnt. it was enterd it the concours on the sat but not every one liked it???? so it didnt get enough vots to win its class. The car had a good second hand drivers wing fitted 2 doors and a bonnet also it had a new rad, starter 2 rear arches a pair of head lights and a rear bumper the boot carpet did come from spiney_normans Sportshatch (Thanks) i took me ages to locate one i did in fact need 2 cos my other Manta Gloria needed one aswell. The radio in it came from my MK2 Astra i did infact forget my CD in it when i sold it is it still in there??? Best of the 80's thats all i listend to in it so i felt like i had gone back in time lol To be honest i much prefer it with out the side skirts, it gives it a much cleaner look. Plus i couldnt bring my self to drill the new rear arches and the fresh astro silver paint job!!!! Any Questions Just ask, Paul
  5. This car is still taxed must be out there some where, that gear change is orsum and six speed!!!!!
  6. Hi no Luke its not a 3 wheeler that's next on my car list, lol I totally forgot but im already booked for Thursday night so im going to miss the meet, SORRY I have got mi sen a LWB 7 seater Pajero 2.8TD, WOW Av fun tomoz night lads
  7. Hi Luke, Yes mate i will be there but iv sadly not got the Silver Manta no longer she went to her new home in liverpool to become a young lads daily driver , he ant even got a gararge for her and come the winter god only nows it upsets me to think about it, all that hard work!!!!!!! But iv now got a new vehicle i will tell you about it on thursday some like them some hate them????? but i will be flying the hurse flag, im kuming in the mighty Omega again!!!!! C U Thursday Sheff crew, Paul
  8. good lad micappy we can be flying the flag for hatchbacks, they are the future not these common coupes, lol
  9. That hatch looked mint i love the idea of a 400/i240 kit on the old (betta looking than the common coupe) hatchback , is it to late to get his hatch for me???? poor thing.
  10. Hi I Hope Dillv8 does not mind but i have found a pic of this when he had it at Billing (on his facebook) This was for sale on ebay up my way on, my mate from work used to see it cruising the streets of donny looking for suitable prey to race and destroy, lol
  11. Thanks Luke for the comments on my car, its actually now for sale look on cars for sale!!!!! I had my last car show in her yesterday at donny (see Pic) she drives like a dream but im trying not to get too attached to it or Gloria will never see the light of day again Hope she sells soon or i will be putting my house for sale Hope you don't mind ste me putting this pic up as you can see your reg?????? Paul
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