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  1. That's Tony David in his lovely mint totally original manta
  2. I'd settle for a grey dash top as I really need one ASAP please people
  3. Yes it's a four door saloon vauxhall cavalier! I didn't think of to put that as I didn't reckon they'd be much call for a 2 door saloon door as they are so rare. Thanks to Mr Carlos, I've a passenger front door coming but I still need a rear drivers side one.
  4. Hi dave, many as you would expect have gone the other way auto to manual, this is and could be an advantage to you as the auto box's and associated parts usually end up being offered for free. Many years ago I picked up a box and all the components for a mere £50. As an auto manta gte owner myself, I'm a fan. I also own 2 cavalier mk1 autos. It's just how it worked out when I bought them They perform well and will definitely do what you want one to do. I'm sure someone will offer you the stuff to get one converted, easy enough obviously box change, the prop ect and the tunnel has a square hole for the selector instead of a round one for gearlever.. Again a bit of fettling can get this done. Also either a separate oil cooler for the trans or a rad from an auto.
  5. Dash top required, ideally Blue but font hold out much hope for that. Black would be good too. To replace a very badly cracked one. Also passengers front and drivers side rear doors for cavalier mk1 or ascona. Cheers paul
  6. I had a 1800 gt in 1996, that had no rear wash wipe, round washer bottle, no sound deadening over the servo, none of that thick under carpet sound deadening that is like the biggest sponge you can imagine. No headlamps on buzzer! Probably more but I can't remember.
  7. White gt/e exclusive coupe in westcliff, Southend-on-Sea Essex on the London Rd. Turned off on to hamlet Court Rd. Looked absolutely mint. Would loved to have had a chat!
  8. Pictures I took of it approx 4 years ago when it was just sitting outside someone's house. It hadn't moved in ages I used to pass it regularly..
  9. The time this had sat outside, it will be crusty underneath. I used to drive past it often enough. It was parked in the road for ages, then it got moved onto the drive. I remember that about 5 years ago as there were two unused mantas parked up within a mile of each other. Which leaves me the only one locally to still own one..
  10. Been sprayed too.. A very off putting thing for me is the under bonnet is a different colour
  11. I've seen this car locally for years now. For about 2 to 3 years it's just been parked up on the drive unused. I think this and my manta are the only ones left here in this area. Locally registered too here in Southend, providing dealer probably came from jessups or macs garage. Hope it finds a good home it deserves. Only thing that stopped me knocking on the door is I suspected they would know the real value of it....
  12. I'd say it's been replaced by a manual rad as these have got hard to come by. I'm glad I've seen this topic as I'm think of fitting a cooler in place if the one in the bottom of the rad as I may start towing with the sportshatch and this would be a much better way of keeping the gearbox fluid cool. (now I kick myself for selling the two spare rads I had that were manual)
  13. I bought a couple of these from a car show some time ago. A little long black tube with a red and a black wire. Easy to fit too. I think was made by pearl products.
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