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  1. £3500 is about what a poverty spec Cavalier in good nick is worth especially in light of the current market situation. Its not a good time to sell a classic car atm. Could be some bargains though for buyers
  2. Paul had it advertised for £7K on here so i reckon he'll be happy with the Ebay sale price.
  3. Looks a good example but i would also change the wheels. This very similar & probably better example is up for auction on 19th March, estimate £800-£1200 http://www.dvca.co.uk/vehicles-for-auction-view.php?classic-cars=Vauxhall-Cavalier-2000-GLS-4-Door-Saloon4169
  4. I think £10K+ is achievable on a classic car dealers forecourt, as a private sale then £9K should be possible. The car is well known to members having previously been owned by both Steve Hancock & Chris Burt. Based on what the car sold for two years ago & taking into account Manta inflation of around 10% pa then we get to around £9K A classic car dealer would want to pay no more than £8K for it to enable at least a £2K+ profit IMO its the best B1 coupe to have been up for sale for a number of years & in a very desirable colour of Sapphire Blue metallic.
  5. If your happy with what you got that's all that matters.
  6. Great car, sensibly priced & now provisionally sold Someones got a bargain Would love to have bought this myself but can't afford the divorce that would have followed.
  7. Economically its not worth restoring unless it could be bought very cheaply. Interesting car though with electric window conversion
  8. Be interesting to see what it makes. MOT history indicates corrosion & as the ad states the sunroof area & rear arches are starting to go. But its a B2 coupe so desirable, starting bid at £4750 indicates that's the minimum the owner wants.
  9. Hi there Dave...

    Sorry its taken me so long to contact You, i'm the guy in the wheelchair that's been working with Simon Peckham on this Manta GTE Auto Coupe... I went over to Simon's place last week to finally see the car in the metal, and he said he's spoken to you about whats been going on...

    Been meaning to message you since in we met in November at the NEC, but between the amazement of how things turned out from there, Christmas, New Year and MY General Procrastination I'm finally getting round to Thanking 'YOU'. Thanking You for being the MAJOR catalyst for bringing about the result I've had. If you hadn't messaged back, after me asking about an Auto Manta thing, and being a fan of Auto's you Are, non of this would have happened. I know that was regarding your mate James and his hatch, but it was with the intention of meeting you, putting a face to a name and securing first refusal on 'That Car' that you suggested, knew of, and offered as a solution, Again... Non Of This Would Have Happened... I cant begin to tell you how Over The Moon i am to have landed the Perfect car ... 

    I noticed you'd commented the other day on a requests for the Shelby Walsh Hill climb and that it clashed with the Bristol car Show. Hope to be able to join you there, and see you again at the NEC in March if you there, and be able to thank you in person for your Major part in finding A Dream Car...

    Many Many Thanks.... Dave...

    1. Rapierdave


      Hi Dave

      Nice to meet you at the NEC, thanks for the kind comments & i am very happy for you in getting an automatic GTE coupe. Look forward to seeing it.

      We have a "whats app" group for our SW & Swales area to keep in touch and arrange meets if you want to be added to this group then let me know.

      I hope to go to the NEC in March


      Dave Boulton

    2. DaveyC


      Morning Dave... Just...

      Be great to catch up again in March, very much looking forward to it. We gonna keep the car Exactly as it is till then, as Simon found it dust, cat paw prints and all, and show it as is as a barn find as we thought it be nice to do a before and after. Would very much like to be added to the area WhatsApp group Please, that be good, and any help and support you need in the area i would be more than willing to get involved and help out...

      All the Best...



  10. Here is the car when it was up for sale in October last year. Apparently sold for £8500 then https://mantaclub.org/forums/topic/44621-18s-berlinetta-coupesilver/
  11. Wouldn't be £10K then, if it was there'd be a queue of us banging on the sellers door !
  12. This looks a nice example of a modified Ascona Berlina. £10K might seem like strong money but what would it fetch if it was a 2 door https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1183419?fbclid=IwAR2sxLWlvOkQ7_lh02Bfd1XEjqM9_svtn77ZCv5KMNYMzs8bhJYOpujx2CE
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