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  1. I think the problem was a lot of clubs had pulled out & traders were reluctant to spend a lot of money for a stand if attendances were down. Also i think the organisers knew in advance that the government was about to announce further restrictions. Lets hope we can celebrate 50 years of the Opel Manta delayed till next year.
  2. Wonder if its a dealer selling it or just someone looking to make a quick profit? Suspect a dealer due to the high price. I noticed its just down the road from me in Bristol.
  3. Stuarts Manta was advertised several times over a 18 month period for £12500 - £15000, Stuart thought he had sold it initially for £13000 but the guy was a messer. I assume Stuart got roughly what he wanted for it this time. Carl & Danny's Manta was worth more imo but they couldn't afford to wait around for a long time to find a buyer as they needed a return on the money they had invested in the car. My potential prices for my cars are based on achievable sale prices in the current market using the same data that classic car insurance loss adjusters use i.e. prices achieved in the recent past. In the latest edition of Classic Cars magazine Quentin Wilson reckons Manta prices are set to increase dramatically. Could i ever find a replacement for my Manta B or Ascona, getting less likely with each passing year. Those magazine guides are normally about two years out of date In the latest issue of Classic Cars magazine Quentin Wilson says values of Mantas have increased by up to 300%, based on the values above he's right !
  4. The club can offer advice on values based on previously achieved prices when sold, this is easy when the car sells on ebay or at an auction house as this info is in the public domain. I keep a keen eye on what various Manta models are being advertised for but cannot always say what they finally achieved as some members are very coy about revealing what their car sold for. What is in no doubt is that Manta values have risen on average around 20% each year. Some models are rising faster than others for example Manta GTE Exclusive coupes in very good show condition are the most sought after, i believe Chris Burt's recently sold Exclusive Coupe rose around 50% in value in the two years he owned it. Manta GTE coupes in very good condition are also sought after. Lets look at Manta A values as they are generally not as sought after as Manta GTE coupes but due to their rarity in very good condition are commanding high prices. Using my cars as examples lets look at what i paid for them & what i believe they could sell for now I bought my Manta A SR from the late Ron Daymond in September 2016 this was after Ron had advertised it on the forum for offers around £7000 the car had 1 month left on the MOT & it needed welding to one jacking point & welding to one Swan neck. I offered Ron £5800 which was accepted as Ron wanted the car to go to a club member who would keep it original. What would it sell for now four years after i bought it ? I believe £12000 - £14000 is possible. I bought my Manta B SR Berlinetta in August 2013 & paid £4500 for it which was a lot of money but i wanted it because it only had 39000 miles & was un-restored & original. What would it sell for now seven years after i bought it ? I believe £10000 + is possible I bought my Ascona B in May 2013 & paid £3800 for it. It was an immaculate time warp car then & its in largely the same condition now. What would it sell for now seven years after i bought it ? I believe £7000 + is possible. In conclusion if someone says "whats my Manta worth" well its worth what someone is willing to pay. Its value for insurance purposes is what it would cost to buy a similar condition replacement.
  5. Crikey i had better re access what mine is worth for insurance purposes.
  6. I think in an exclusive coupe then the washer bottle is the smaller round type as you have no headlight wash wipe on the twin headlights
  7. Know this car well & heard it running when James first picked it up it sounded very quiet mechanically. Quite rare with that colour combo of Gold alloys & tan coloured Recaros.
  8. Car looks awesome now finished Jason,having seen it being built i need to pop over & see it now it's finished. The wheels look just right, anything above 16 inch looks "over wheeled" on a Manta imo.
  9. Just had a look at the add on facebook it looks a nice example, very original apart from probably had a respray as back panel should be black. Swan neck has a previously welded patch but pics from underside indicate its solid. I reckon it was put away 27 years ago in V good condition & has been stored in a dry garage. will need a recommission, new MOT & new airfilter box. Interior looks in good nick Best colour imo Sapphire Blue. I think £2500 is a fair price considering it could be worth up to £5000 once cleaned & recommissioned. Located at Winchcombe Gloucestershire right by the Steam Railway. https://www.gwsr.com/
  10. For that price i'd want the headlight wash wipe system reinstated 😊 Remember the low mileage original Red 1.8 GT hatch that has been up for sale for between £18K - £22K for the last 18 months still hasn't sold its just been passed around between dealers. If some one is in the market for what is essentially an almost new hatch then this is the car to buy as a keeper.
  11. Looks like its been stored for the last 26 years as there is no MOT history. By the looks of the pic the paint has suffered in storage & will require a respray. Nice to see that there are still cars like this surfacing after all those years.
  12. Hi Ian James Coghlan (Stradacab on the forum) fitted a new headliner to his 1980 GT-J & it looks good but i believe it was a balls ache to do & yes the front & rear screens have to come out. I think James has got a new headliner with the small perforations for an early Manta/Cavalier coupe that he is looking to sell if your after one.
  13. I remember when this one was imported from SA back in 2016, looked a nice car then & still does now. Not many nice examples of Manta A's come up for sale very often, would like to think this one could reach £9K + Over 200 pics of the car don't very often see such a good advert. Only downside imo is that its a 1.6 instead of a 1.9
  14. I believe this one is still available for around £8500, not to far from you in Gloucestershire https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-Opel-Manta-Coupe-1-9-/303590378080?item=303590378080&ViewItem=&nma=true&si=yP13QVZaiQ%2Fezj4AdtwJF7Y1cXE%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  15. If it has sold to a dealer for £15544 then it they will want £20K minimum as an asking price. If its a private buyer then its top money but try finding another one. Original unrestored timewarp cars always command a premium. Great news for owners of GTE or Exclusive coupes thinking about selling
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