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  1. Much more information about the cars history here
  2. Found this for you Ian https://mantaclub.org/forums/topic/42485-manta-b-front-speakers/?tab=comments#comment-294222
  3. Ah now i can see that your car is a 1979 model so it has the later air filter, where as mine & Julian's are 1978 models with the earlier air filter.
  4. From P reg to T reg the airfilter didn't have the pipe fitted. V reg onwards it was fitted.
  5. Hi Ian Been following your thread since the beginning & i wouldn't have had the confidence to tackle some of the work that you have. You are now well on the way to getting it back on the road & hopefully you can bring it to the annual Manta, Ascona Cavalier meet at the VBOA show at Sywell Aerodrome Northants over the weekend of Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July 2019. I & others would love to meet you & see the finished car. Before you finish fitting up the front of your car consider painting the area black below the bumper where the indicators are fitted. The colour i think is called Anthracite & is semi gloss finish. Your Cavalier would have had that look just like the front of my Manta when new.
  6. Looks a very nice example of a rare Cavalier 2000 GLS saloon £4995 is top money but find another in that condition. https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/1970-s-rare-classic-best-in-uk-immaculate-vauxhall-cavalier-2-litre-gls-mot-july-2019-1owner-bargain/1328959161
  7. Original Grill is Grey/cheesecutter style but i obtained an earlier black grill from a friend, so can swap when i want a change.
  8. Very interesting car that has to stay standard due to its rarity. To strip prep inc all glass out then a top quality paint job & refit all glass trim headlights etc i reckon would cost £4K-£5K
  9. Sorry to hear about your difficulties Paul. Good to hear that you can keep the A Hopefully catch up with you in the summer
  10. Wish there were some more pics of the car. Its great when cars unknown to the club turn up
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