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  1. RIP Dennis Adam it was nice to talk to you before Xmas about your Grandfather's car which I had the pleasure of seeing in 2019.
  2. Here is some info on an interesting modification to the centre console.
  3. Yep Howard & his V8 Manta, here's a pic i took at the Tredegar House show back in 2010
  4. Sapphire blue metallic is the best colour for a Manta B1 or Ascona B2 imo
  5. I'll stick to my carburettor cars, seriously though this could be the killer for "newer" classic cars. The lack of ability to repair ECU's & when the computer cannot read the ancient software installed on a given car.
  6. It was too cheap, i reckon a dealer has snapped that up.
  7. It's no longer available, either someone has pressed the buy it now button for £5499 or the seller has withdrawn it.
  8. That's a bargain at £5499 the only downside is MOT ran out two years ago but it is now MOT exempt & will be tax exempt from April 2021.
  9. Rare barn/garage find Be interesting to see what it fetches
  10. He also had it up for sale in September at 8500 Euros. I think its a potential good buy at its current price of £7000 (7500 Euros) but as you say its a long way to go take a look. I think this really does illustrate the widening price gap between Hatches & Coupes. I reckon it would be up for sale at £14000 if it was a coupe.
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