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  1. Hi Nick Welcome to the OMOC site, if you haven't already i would recommend you become a member as you will get full access to the forum.
  2. Sold for £5375 on the 6th July at Mathewsons auctions Yorkshire. https://mathewsons.co.uk/auctions/auction-dates/vehicles/11029-1976-opel-manta-1-6-auto-coupe
  3. Its gradually coming down in price. 😉
  4. The problem with advertising it to OMOC members only is that your audience is very small & most of us have already got a Manta or even a collection of Mantas ! I would advertise it on a website such as this one, its free & you can post up to six pictures. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/ Alternatively put it up for auction at one of the well known auction houses e.g. https://mathewsons.co.uk/ You will reach a larger audience if you advertise it on the Manta fan club Facebook page Insurance valuations on Mantas are very easy, achievable sale prices are more difficult to predict. As a general guide in the condition that your car is in Manta B2 Exclusive Coupe £15K + Manta B2 GTE Coupe £12K+ Manta A SR £12k + Manta B1 SR coupe £10K + Manta Hatches generally achieve 35% less than their equivalent coupes, this is simply down to supply & demand. Please bear in mind all of the above is only my opinion, just like an Estate Agent i don't set the market, merely study the market & observe the trends. Finally Stu if i were you & did not "have" to sell my car then i would keep it
  5. agree that the one you like is the closest match to the original, but think plain sides would work best.
  6. Stunning car & rare as its a B1 SR non berlinetta model. Love the colour I think to achieve the highest price you may have to consider going down the auction route. GLWTS
  7. Apart from the fact it needs a complete paint job i think that looks a nice solid car. Looks to have been Zeibart rustproofed from new looking at the tell tail black muck on the inner wings. With an MOT, recommissioned & a proper paint job it could be worth £6K Wonder what the reserve is set at ?
  8. The connector is the supply for the under bonnet light
  9. Ended at £5000 A good price for a Cav Coupe with no MOT that needs a recommission.
  10. I agree that £5K is probably a bit speculative without an MOT.
  11. Interesting car as its W reg but on chrome bumpers, plus its a low spec model being an S. Probably has the 3 clock dash & has non SR steering wheel Car is in South Wales. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Berlinetta-SR-2-0-litre-Manual-1980/133065381814?hash=item1efb5097b6:g:B6MAAOSwSzxc65el
  12. I know this car but the last time i saw it was in 2012, it's a rare early SR with the stingrays on the front wings & the black back panel. First registered Feb 1976 The car has been in the same family for years, being passed on from father to son. here is a pic i took then.
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