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  1. Russ's (Droopsnoot Firenza) old car, Project thread from 2015 Current owner wants £5000 for the car, so a bargain imo
  2. I used this companies LED stop/tail lamps in my A series & the difference is amazing. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/ The only thing you have to ensure is you have a good connection as LEDs are either on or off if your lamp holder is al little corroded.
  3. If the owner only wants £5k for the Red SR then that's a bargain
  4. Totally agree with you ref 1.6 engine its gutless compared to the 1.9 or 2.0
  5. That must be one of the earliest Manta B's known to the club having been registered in October 1975 Stingray badges on the bottom of the front wings as per A models were discontinued by early 1976 No headrests & no rev counter show that its the more basic S model. Rare in 1.6 as most B1 survivors tend to be 1.9 . I.ve seen this car pop up on the fan club forum a few times & the owner has said in his opinion it needs painting on the roof. With a small amount of work that could be a show winning car Fantastic value for money.
  6. Would look great on the Campagnolas as i believe thats what was fitted as an option to the Cavalier Centaur convertables.
  7. Probably realised it would cost a fortune to restore after studying pics of the underside
  8. Really good project thread with lots of pics showing the outstanding quality of restoration work being carried out on this car. I would love to see this car when it's finished.
  9. Very nice. I would have to remove the towbar if I bought it.
  10. Put it with a decent auction house & it will find its value. Reached around £18K at recent auction
  11. Will be great to watch this when its on car sos in 2022. Did Tim & Fuzz get to drive the i240 or was it a static shoot ?
  12. It was Paul Newport in Penzance i think he got some though.
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