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  1. Here is the car when it was up for sale in October last year. Apparently sold for £8500 then https://mantaclub.org/forums/topic/44621-18s-berlinetta-coupesilver/
  2. Wouldn't be £10K then, if it was there'd be a queue of us banging on the sellers door !
  3. This looks a nice example of a modified Ascona Berlina. £10K might seem like strong money but what would it fetch if it was a 2 door https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1183419?fbclid=IwAR2sxLWlvOkQ7_lh02Bfd1XEjqM9_svtn77ZCv5KMNYMzs8bhJYOpujx2CE
  4. A bit more spot the difference, have a look at the top hose to the thermostat housing, looks different to my 1.6 Ascona
  5. Just read the article in Vauxapedia about the Chevair & at the end it states that from April 1981 till August 1982 they fitted the 1.6 cih engine as standard. Interesting that they fitted a different design of gearstick & centre console.
  6. Interesting car up for sale on facebook 1982 Chevrolet Chevair 1600 GL. This was the South African version of the Vauxhall Cavalier. It comes with about 10 months MOT and is fully UK registered with all tax and duty paid. We have the V5 here. The car is exceptionally solid having been in a hot climate, has never been welded and is very original. This is a very rare car. Not sure if there are any others in the UK Body -4 door shell almost identical to Vauxhall Cavalier except for the addition of the vents in the front panel. Car has never been welded and is very solid and original from front to back. Paintwork is good and looks mainly original. Few stone chips and door edge marks here and there but nothing more than you would expect on a car of its age. Mechanics - 1600 engine which is the same as used in our cavaliers and all the same mechanical components. Car is completely standard and was recently motd. Car drives very well for its age and feels nice and tight. Interior - Again its all standard and very good with no rips or tears. Wheels - Standard steels with chrome trim rings. Very solid tidy and original example which can be driven away. Please feel free to come and see the car. We have a ramp so you can look underneath. Delivery can be arranged if required. Please ask for a quote. Any questions please ask or call 07879 557668
  7. I think this is very likely Steve. I think it is very unlikely that the DVLA will change the V5 details, when i owned a 2.0 litre Manta SR a few years ago it was on the V5 as 2.0 Manta Auto, as it had been converted to manual some years before, i tried to get the Auto bit taken off the V5 they refused even though i sent them a nice letter as a club rep ! My current Manta SRB was first registered in Guernsey in May 1978 & when i contacted the DVLA to get it registered on an age related plate they refused as i could not prove the date even though i supplied them with the Guernsey log book & dealers stamp showing when the car was first sold. Eventually went to my local DVLA office in Bristol who sanctioned it & called the Swansea office a bunch of bureaucratic idiots. Unfortunately all local DVLA offices were closed a few years ago. Stuart if your buyer is concerned that he may be buying a Manta with the wrong model designation then point him in the direction of this forum to see the answers to your question which hopefully will give him confidence to complete the transaction.
  8. This is a strange one as the National Insurance data base indicates your car as an Opel Manta L There was never an L model when your Manta was made it was either DL, SR or Berlinetta, all DL models were sold with 1.6 engines & most SR & Berlinetta models from your year were sold with 1.9 engines. As you say your V5 indicates it's an Opel Manta 1900 & the DVLA will have recorded what the original supplying dealer told them. This can sometimes mean that variants of Mantas are not fully described on the V5 The DVLA are very reluctant to change the original model details on a V5 unless you can prove a mistake was made. In your case there is no mistake on the V5 but by a process of elimination we can say that as yours has the 1.9 engine then it must be either an SR or a Berlinetta model, however as yours has SR features such as vinyl instead of cloth coloured door cards, an SR steering wheel ( early Berlinetta's had a different wheel), 6 clock dash (early Berlinetta's had no rev counter) then i believe there is a high liklehood your car is indeed an SR model. Now for the likely reason the Insurance data base shows L as the model, this is probably due to human error when the computer records data base was produced years ago. I had a 1900 Berlinetta Manta of the same year as your SR & here is pic of the difference in the door cards, steering wheel & dash clocks.
  9. Looks a good example, MOT history is good with some advisories/failures on minor corrosion issues. One lady owner from new Is this car known to the club ?
  10. Well done Stu on achieving your asking price of £13000. That's a new record for a B1 coupe but yours was the best that has come up for sale for a few years now. It took a while to sell but you weren't in a rush & it paid off. I think the fact that your buyer had another nice B1 to compare with yours helped you achieve that cracking price. I thought my 42000 mile un-restored SRB was worth £7000 + i think i need to rethink my valuation now !
  11. From the pictures it looks a good example of a Berlinetta coupe. No reserve but starting bid of £7500 would indicate that's the minimum the owner wants. I like the "burnt orange" interior but it will put some people off, shame about the aftermarket sunroof but better than a steel one. I think its a fair asking price but probably not the best time of the year to achieve the best price. If i had the room i would buy this myself
  12. Top work Andy, Following this thread with interest & am sure that this car will look great when finished, original is the way to go to get the best return on your investment. As you said its nice to work on a car that hasn't had a load of bodged repairs in the past.
  13. I'll have a chat with James to see when its likely to be finished, i'm guessing early spring maybe sooner. Its already had work completed including tank refurbished, nosecone repainted. Currently having various bits welded including the usual Manta rust spots of washer bottle tray, floor above front jacking point etc. The car is no rust bucket though & looks to have had some rust treatment like Dinitrol when it was new. It has had an LPG conversion in the past but that hasn't been tested but i've seen it running on petrol & the engine sounded quiet & wasn't smoky. Here is pic from when James first bought it two years ago, you can see why the nosecone needed repainting
  14. Hi David Shame its a coupe you want as my mates auto hatch could be a ready made answer for you, Auto coupes do occasionally come up for sale but they tend to be the earlier B1 models like my White Manta SR We don't have regular meets as such but tend to meet up at shows & local meets through the spring/summer/autumn months.
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