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  1. I watched the end of the auction live & it definitely finished on £60200 but reserve not met. The site stated this auction has now ended. The bidding history shows a bid of £150000 2 minutes after the auction ended so looks a bit strange to me. Very odd thing I noticed on this auction site whilst watching the closing minutes was that as the timer got to near zero it reset itself at least three times & added a few more minutes on !
  2. Sold for £52000 in 2017 & £57500 in 2019 could this be the first Manta to decrease in value over the last couple of years ? Needs to be in a bigger & better known auction house to reach top price.
  3. Reckon he might be mixed up with the fan club Facebook group
  4. Shame there is only one pic as the car looks good. Failed the MOT in September 2020 on what looks like swan neck chassis corrosion both sides, wouldn't surprise me if its not too bad but will need sorting & a new MOT would not give me total confidence unless it was up on a ramp & i could inspect it. In spite of that i think as a trade sale & with the offer of a 3 month warranty if the mileage is genuine then it seems a fair price.
  5. Ended up at £5450 but didn't meet reserve I think £5k + is a good price for a Cavalier saloon.
  6. Interesting that it's a Manta S Berlinetta. No SR steering wheel In the UK I think that model designation was dropped by 1978, we got SR Berlinetta.
  7. I've updated the Manta values to reflect. Yes without a doubt Coupes in all types appear to sell for up to 100% more than the equivalent Hatch. Supply & demand seems to have a hand here
  8. Exclusive Hatch just sold for £7250 I reckon you should have named that car Christine when you owned it !
  9. Running issue sorted by seller. He had it up for sale at £7500 on an ebay classified ad so it made what he wanted in the end.
  10. Ascona is apparently a base model No radio, no brightwork around windows or wheel arches. Wheels look the same as were fitted to later Cavalier LS models. It's a rare survivor, imagine the interest on here if it had been a two door ! I've never seen one before
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