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  1. Not very many Manta A's come up for sale these days & this looks a good example. £9995 ono is a very fair price based on the pics & description
  2. 12v 15w in Manta A reversing lamps
  3. Looking forward to seeing this at Sywell The paint job looks superb After all the ups & downs the wait has been worth it, the car is a credit to you.
  4. Not surprised when you have 3 in the same auction. I did think the White GTE might have gone a tad higher
  5. As the title says, three Manta GTE coupes up for sale at Mathewsons auction house on Saturday 5th June. One is a Red GTE coupe in fair condition that needs recommissioning/restoration, guide £8000 - £9000 One is a White GTE Coupe in good condition, probably an older restoration that now needs some minor attention to one rear wheel arch & a door bottom. Overall a car you could drive away in. Current owner has had the car since 1990. Northern Ireland car. Guide price £15000 - £17000 Lastly a Manta GTE Coupe that has been made to look like a 400 with wide arch kit etc. Looks ok but some corrosion to boot lid & car was running but now wont start. Guide price £13500 - £14500 All cars can be viewed on Mathewsons website I wonder if values will be affected as there are three to choose from although all are different.
  6. I think someone had this before & it turned out to be a faulty capacitor on the circuit board.
  7. Sold for £6795 plus i assume buyers premium on 27th April this year so a bit odd that it should appear on Ebay two weeks later for roughly the same price. Comparing the pics from the auction site & the now pics it looks like the car has been fully valeted. Advert is very honest almost too honest. Its a nice example of a 1.8 Exclusive
  8. Well not exactly spotted but a get together with a few Manta mates for a Sunday morning coffee. First time we have properly met up since October last year.
  9. I watched the end of the auction live & it definitely finished on £60200 but reserve not met. The site stated this auction has now ended. The bidding history shows a bid of £150000 2 minutes after the auction ended so looks a bit strange to me. Very odd thing I noticed on this auction site whilst watching the closing minutes was that as the timer got to near zero it reset itself at least three times & added a few more minutes on !
  10. Sold for £52000 in 2017 & £57500 in 2019 could this be the first Manta to decrease in value over the last couple of years ? Needs to be in a bigger & better known auction house to reach top price.
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