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  1. What happened to the original wheel centre caps ? They were on there when i owned it.
  2. The white hatch was previously orange & owned by a lady called KayMissP. Was at Billing a few times.
  3. Looks like it's been sold off eBay. It was an auction with an opening bid of £8950 required, I suspect a deal has been done with a trader, at an amount mutually acceptable to the seller & the buyer. I think we will see it up for sale again soon.
  4. I understand & agree with your reason
  5. Best advice I can give is don't renew with Footman James. I & others in the club are insured with Hagerty & they will insure on an agreed valuation up to £20k with no pictures. Over £20k you have to supply pics of the car. Hagerty are well aware of current values of Mantas as like us they keep an eye on latest values achieved at all the well known auction houses as well as sites like car & classic.
  6. It's a poverty spec Manta at a luxury spec price but it is very low mileage. It's worth what someone is willing to pay. If it was in an auction it would find its value naturally.
  7. I'm with Hagerty classic insurance & they will agree values up to £20k with no pictures. Over £20k you have to send pictures but unless your asking to insure at a massive inflated price they don't require an independent valuation.
  8. That is very good price for a hatch. I thought it would sell for top end of estimate £10k+, Good news for hatch owners
  9. Looks a nice example, I would expect it to possibly exceed top estimate.
  10. If you can then bring it to the Vauxhall Opel Bedford annual rally at Sywell in Northamptonshire. https://vboa.org.uk/index.php/2022/01/11/vboa-national-rally-2022-tickets-are-now-on-sale/
  11. Looks a good one The last one in similar condition & colour sold for £15K last year. This ones an auto so i would expect it to go for top of estimate around £13K At Mathewson's last month a project Manta A that was a 1.6S but fitted with a 1.9 engine went for £8500 plus buyers premium.
  12. Yep it was my old car from 2015, it had an engine change sometime back in its life but goes really well I nearly bought it back in 2012 from a guy in Peterborough who i believe had owned it from new but my offer wasn't accepted Here is a pic of the bottom of the door in 2011 Fast forward to April 2015 & the car was put up for sale as a non runner stored in a lock up next to a Vauxhall dealer in Street Somerset. I went & had a look realised it was the same car from 2012 & collected it the following weekend. Here are some pics as found Once back home it needed some welding to the passenger footwell & a plate on one swan neck I then got the car cleaned up & MOT'd & took it to the Bristol Classic car show in Shepton Mallet where we always had an omoc club stand. A good friend of mine Derek Athey who i had known from when i had a Sunbeam Rapier was at the show with his Rapier & had wanted to buy my 1978 SRB coupe so i offered him the Cavalier as a substitute & we did a deal. In Derek's ownership he had the rear sun damaged seats recovered & the front seats recovered to a high standard. The purist would want new Swan neck chassis rails as they are plated at the moment. The car is in Lime Green Mettallic which was an early Opel colour used on the Manta A & was discontinued by 1976 so only appeared on early Cavs & Manta B's. The car is a stunner to look at & is only available due to my good friend Derek passing away late last year. Here is one of the last pics i took of the car just after i got it MOT'd in 2015 Derek always kept the car garaged & only used it for local meets & shows. In its colour i think it is one of the best looking Cavalier Coupes in the country.
  13. April 21st on National Geographic channel I believe.
  14. Russ's (Droopsnoot Firenza) old car, Project thread from 2015 Current owner wants £5000 for the car, so a bargain imo
  15. I used this companies LED stop/tail lamps in my A series & the difference is amazing. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/ The only thing you have to ensure is you have a good connection as LEDs are either on or off if your lamp holder is al little corroded.
  16. If the owner only wants £5k for the Red SR then that's a bargain
  17. Totally agree with you ref 1.6 engine its gutless compared to the 1.9 or 2.0
  18. That must be one of the earliest Manta B's known to the club having been registered in October 1975 Stingray badges on the bottom of the front wings as per A models were discontinued by early 1976 No headrests & no rev counter show that its the more basic S model. Rare in 1.6 as most B1 survivors tend to be 1.9 . I.ve seen this car pop up on the fan club forum a few times & the owner has said in his opinion it needs painting on the roof. With a small amount of work that could be a show winning car Fantastic value for money.
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