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    different flexi hoses and pads , and a short copper brake line for each , but essentially , yes
  2. http://www.klokkerholm.com/xProductCatalogue/productDetails.aspx?id=5072852&Group=737124this one?
  3. well ive DEF got a 22 engine sat with a sump thats not seen a manta lol , will take a pic tomorrow after work tomorrow mate , amazing the crap you collect in 25 yrs pissing about with manta's
  4. ahem i think i may just have some of that matey
  5. got some here if you want to have a root, all been dry stored in my shed
  6. were you under the bonnet , may have knocked the wire off the temp sender unit , if its earthing it will max out as soon as instruments are live
  7. thats a thing of beauty mate , what are the wheels on it?
  8. pretty sure Kev Abbot dabbled with the plastic tank off a calibra some while back , if i remember right it was a close match apart from a fouling one of the chassis members
  9. cant help today but ask and i will try to pop over thru the week or next weekend , where in crewe? , i'm near leighton
  10. Hmm circle of trust , meet the Flockers lmao
  11. At the end of the day just cos it may not be compulsory doesn't mean you cant get one done any way
  12. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/152294/cobra-supaslot-wheels-4x100-cheshire#.U8vWf0DZfuA still got if of interest
  13. Right on Both counts , and i still have it, just waiting on some jobs and paint
  14. poor earth? get it to fault them run a jump lead from the block to earth and see if that changes anything
  15. hope so , if you can get the dipstick on a 1800 ohc to touch the starter motor , youve a big problem lol
  16. yep , keep it a cav , i think its fair to say they get the rough end of the stick and get ripped apart to opel-ise them , been done a lot and done well but if you want to stand out these are a rare sight now , incidently my first car was a 2 door cav saloon , loved it !
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