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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Manta B rev counter, if anyone would happen to have one. Same as in the picture here: If anyone would have one that would be great. Cheers Matt
  2. After realising its difficult to find a manta a axle these days would anyone have a scimitar axle available? Cheers Matt
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a manta A axle, 1800 manta gearbox, pickup pipe and sump so I can get cracking on my XE conversion. Initially the a axle is the main thing I'm after! Please pm me if you have anything. Thanks a lot! Matt
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently building a project chevette and recently acquired a manta b prop as I kept snapping halfshafts on the chevette one. I am missing a few parts from it though. I need the rear half of the Manta prop that bolts to the torque tube, I already have the U bolts. I also need the complete drum assembily for the manta axle too, so springs and shoes etc. If anyone has any of this stuff that would be awesome, either reply on here or drop me a text on o77o85o7489 Thanks a lot. Matt
  5. Hi guys, My car failed the mot today because it has cut springs on it. Unfortunately lowering springs are not low enough! Would anyone happen to have a set of standard springs for sale really cheap that I could use for the mot? Thanks Matt
  6. Hi everyone, Still after a steel torque tube if anyone has got one. Thanks again Matt
  7. Hey everyone, I have just had a look under my car today and I have noticed that the torque tube has snapped where it bolts to the diff. Would anyone happen to have a steel torque tube for sale? Thanks a lot, Matt
  8. Ok then, I'll just keep with the standard for now and save up for the 16v brakes. Are these the calipers that I would need? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VAUXHALL-ASTRA-MK3-BRAKE-CALIPERS-1-7TD-WILL-FIT-OTHERS_W0QQitemZ280389821868QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item41488925ac&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 Cheers
  9. Cheers for the info. I had been paying attention but the calipers the guy was selling are out of my price range. I just want a cheap brake upgrade that will work better than standard. I do not race the car or anything so do not really want to spend lots. Matt
  10. Hi guys, So it's the 2 pot calipers I need? I have heard they are a direct fit onto the chevette discs but just have a larger pad. Being 2 pots they probably perform much better too. Could anyone just post on here when some come available please? Thanks a lot Matt
  11. Cheers for the reply, Unfortunately I need the calipers from a Manta A or Mk1 Cav as these are a direct fit. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have been told the Manta B calipers differ. Thanks Matt
  12. Hi John, Thanks a lot, just let me know when there available and ill get some money sent over. Hope the new buy is a good one! Cheers Matt
  13. Hey everyone, Recently upgraded the engine in my chevette and unfortunately the brakes are awful. The Mk1 Cavalier/ Manta front calipers are a direct fit and slightly beefier. Just wondering if anyone would have any for sale? Cheers Matt
  14. Thanks alot for the replys. That could very well be the case then as after I put it all back together the whine is still there but it is quieter. So this could be that I have just tightened it more. I'll try this out. Would anyone know where to buy the crush washers from? Cheers Matt
  15. I have checked it all over and everything seems fine. All the bearings seem ok. I have just chucked some new oil in it and going to drive it and hope it quietens down. It could just have dried out with being stood for years. Are the internals of the Mata B axle the same as the A? Cheers Matt
  16. Hey everyone, Stripped all the axle apart today and it seems like it is the pinion bearings Both wheel bearings feel fine and I ran the car without the diff in it jacked up and it was still whining. Would anyone know where to get the pinion bearings? Cheers Matt
  17. Hey everyone, Recently purchased a Manta A back axle for my chevette. It had been stood for a few years with no oil in before I picked it up. I have fitted it and it is making a horrible whining noise. I think this is down to the wheel bearings and maybe the diff bearings. What I would like to know is are the wheel bearings the same on the A and B axles and where is the cheapest place to get them? Also I cannot seem to find anywhere which sells the diff bearing. Would anyone happen to know where I could source a pair? Thanks alot Matt
  18. Thanks for your reply, I have found out I need to make a custom prop so just going to pick up a Manta prop now. cheers anyway
  19. Hey everyone, I have just picked up a Manta A axle to fit into my chevette. I was told it was a bolt in swap but unfortunately its not The problem is the fitting on the torque tube which bolts to the prop. The fitting on the Manta axle I have got is different to the chevette. Are there different fittings available? Or will I need to get the rear section of the Manta prop and make a cut and shut prop? thanks alot Matt also. If anyone has any pictures of a complete Manta prop please post them up as If the manta prop fits directly to my carlton box that would also be great. Cheers
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