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  1. I have a spoiler off a Manta B, price about £90.00 + carriage or you can collect but I don't know where you are. Regards Dave
  2. Looks like there was a good turnout for Retro Rides, I will be competing at Shelsley Walsh 21st and 22nd September.
  3. Risse motorsport list a 4.22:1 croen wheel and pinion.
  4. Pity its a hatch, I only have a tank for an injection coupe.
  5. Is your car a coupe or a hatch?
  6. 3J Driveline now make LSD for Manta axle, both types (3.44 or 3.67 up) are available and they are cheaper than Gripper.
  7. Whereabouts are you? I have a steel bonnet in good condition and could be interested in taking your fibreglass bonnet as part of a deal.
  8. Anyone out there with a 4.7:1 or 4.2:1 crown wheel and pinion, or complete axle they would be willing to sell. I know I could get one from Risse but the low exchange rate makes it a bit too pricey.
  9. Ill have the wings please , ill get them couriered up , pm me , ill donated something to help the heros

    1. philip1971


      Dav ill be getting them picked up can u 9lease email your address please to my email to sort them out mdfs@live.co.uk.thanks phil

  10. I have a pair of C series front wings in fair condition but with rot on rear lower and on top fixing rails, I also have a pair of damaged front wings which were in very sound condition and could be used as donors for repair sections. Also have most of the turbo bits off a series 2 Cavalier Courtney Turbo (1800), including a stage 1 head. These parts have been stood outside for some time and will need cleaning up and the turbo (KKK) will need a rebuild. These parts will have to be collected from Cambridgeshire, I would rather someone try to use them rather than me scrapping them
  11. Whose was the black Manta drag car at Santa Pod at the Bug Jam weekend, didn't see it in person but was shown a picture.
  12. Has anyone got a Roll over / tilt jig for a Manta B which I could borrow / hire or even buy in the East Anglia or East Midlands area.
  13. Had a steel inlet manifold for twin SU carbs on a MG Midget back in the 70s, worked well with no rust problems.
  14. davep


    I did the mod to my current engine - no problems, but then I had no problems with the previous engine which I do not think had it done. I thought the mod was mainly aimed at front drive installations where the oil can go up the breather pipe from the block under heavy braking.
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