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  1. Def one of Clives. He usually provides nice little stainless screws for fixing those in so as mentioned give him a shout and he will get you sorted.
  2. To be fair it will probably fetch that. Lovely car and hard to find in this condition.
  3. I have put it in my watch list, like I need another money pit! sometimes though things come along that you dont need but just got to have...(wife permitting )
  4. Chris is it complete? no broken screw holes and the right screws with it? Let me know what you want for it. Thanks
  5. Still looking for this shroud, anyone got one??
  6. Is it the mate I think you are thinking of?
  7. Yeah it was a really good day.
  8. I hope this works! Found it amongst the video stash, its a few years old and a bit short but it will give the people who havent seen it a chance to. Hope Chris doesnt mind me putting it up.
  9. When I get a chance I will have a look for you
  10. I will see if i can find them when I get some spare time, they are amongst a boxfull up in the attic.
  11. Was this the one that went on eBay some time ago? had the black stripes down the middle? It used to be in the same class as mine at Billing a number of years ago, I have some pics of it somewhere I think. Good luck with it, good to see it being redone.
  12. Doeas anyone have a spare shroud, preferably with unbroken screw holes and tabs.
  13. As far as I know they are no longer available new, I had the last front airdam out of the mould at the makers about 7 years ago. There will be a bits and pieces floating around second hand but I think they are getting quite thin on the ground, havent seen any for quite a while.
  14. Yes, its a star bit, off the top of my head I cant remember the size but for some reason M12 springs to mind! I am sure someone on here will carify that.
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