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  1. cheers for reply and advice , will price up the calibra turbo clutch , like to play with my car and it does get a fair bit of abuse , wasn't built to be driven slowly , i take it this would also be fine when i 16v it
  2. thanks for advice , tried to relocate the clutch arm but after three hours of wrestling i decided to bite the bullet and remove the box . the clutch is knackered and only just had clutch material left on it definatelty dead and the pressure plate has two broken fingers by looks of it was lucky i only live 3 miles from work so now need a new clutchkit ,was using the 1800 friction plate with a gsi astra pressure plate ,can anyone recomend a stronger alternative please
  3. ok looking for some advice please got a kadett with a 1800 manta engine and box on twin 40,s , well today when i finished work was chatting to collegue and he was asking about performance and ifit was ahandfull in the wet by this time it was dry so in the empty car parkdecided to have a wee play , first mistake , dropped the clutch at 3/4 throtttle to light up tyres and heard bang , cue loads of smoke and a nasty noise and clutch pedal flat to floor , looked under car and cable still intact but clutch arm now loose , had to drive home in 2nd gear as wouldn;t select gears or release , untill engine switched off my question before i strip it out is do you think i've broken the release arm or does this sound like a worn clutch giving up the ghost Feel stupid for trying it now but tooooo late any advice other than not to so stupid again would be greatly received
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