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  1. what do u get for £20 nowadays,wouldve just bought them even just to put in attic u still got them,i"ll have em colin
  2. hi will need to get back to u, re cass holder,seem to have misplaced it colin
  3. hi sure ive got a cassette holder colin
  4. maybe not cheapest,but u know with him ur getting correct item,and u can haggle always send 1st class items+out next day colin
  5. derek GM6 spares 01736 810500 deals/sorts anything vx 6cyl colin
  6. manta3000

    My 400R

    very nice did u get brakes sorted out email u,no reply? colin
  7. hi rear seat for coupe,gte door cards,going to retrim anyway colin
  8. manta3000

    My 400R

    bloke u bought it from ,wasnt from montrose by any chance if ur needing 24v bits,got plenty spares colin
  9. got 1 here,no bar,i removed it,everything else is v/good cond u would need to arr courier,u might get offered 1 closer? DD8 1PT to arr courier colin
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