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  1. It’s more to keep it on the road Andy.
  2. Just stitched. Will be keeping the Ronals. But I want to lower the rear slightly to match the front too, in doing so need a bit more height to clear the speed bumps round here!
  3. Forgot to add have some different wheels lined up too. No TSW venoms or any such Gash things. But I think they will fill the arches nicely And need to fix the blower too!
  4. As some of you will be aware Im the new owner of Loobie’s exclusive coupe. Really pleased I bought it. Had no intention of buying another manta, but when an opportunity arises and you have the money it has to be done! The car is great, drives so well and smooth, such a difference to the A series of mine which is pretty raw to say the least! IT just needs cosmetics to improve it further. Biggest job is a new roof. Which Mick threw in as part of the deal! It has a clip sunroof mod but deserves some attention as do the lower pillars around the screen where there is bubbling. A wing which was also grown in. rear arches need a little attention but haven’t gone, a hole in the boot floor needs patching up. Plan for paint is to do in sections when spare funds arise and doesn’t keep it off the toad for any length of time as this will be the backup car when the A series is off the road A little thing that I’m sorting, the steering wheel. Sourced a replacement irmscher centre pad, it’s jot mint but cleans up well. and I’m going to attempt to recover it, have the kit which was dirt cheap, but I think will give the wheel a new lease of life and make it that bit chunkier for my fat hands!
  5. Many thanks. But mine is no high level car in my eyes, flaws all over it. I guess it’s just different But if I were to correct all these It would never be on the road lol
  6. Vboa 2019. Nothing done the car apart from a wash and polish. -Best A series -top ten award sixth place Surprised and delighted with that! Such a great show this year, highly recommend if you didn’t attend you just next year!!
  7. not sure if I missed it but, why are you not flatting a nd sloshing before your build up, making life very hard for yourself there as the paint job doesn't look too bad and with a decent flatting and mopping a really good standard could be achieved if the paint is thick enough but having all the trim and stuff in the way will hamper it greatly
  8. as usual, methodical quality repair work Jason. keep at it!
  9. Thanks Paul for clearing that up

  10. Paul been looking at the Manta B coupe (gold one)

    I see the post dates are 2016 yet it appears top of the for sale list

    is it still for sale or was it sold and exported to Southern Ireland?

    Be greatful if you could let me know.


    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett

      someone has commented that's why. sold to Jason bris jas on here, and he's now sold it to someone in Ireland I believe

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