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  1. Looking good Ian. 3m ultrafine to finish that off would bring in extra depth. The stuff is great, used with a mop.
  2. I think this is the wheel for this car and a little drop in ride height
  3. It’s been a godsend, and to think I had it up for sale. I’ve done so much to it to keep alive too. It’s staying with me for the foreseeable now .
  4. Well a stroke of luck for the getrag conversion. I kept the tilton hydraulic release bearing I had planned for my V8 Manta build Tremec TKO600 (silly money), and you know what.... it fits the getrag box! So some dosh saved there! And something I don’t have to work out for a change! Also finally template for the adapter plate, I have 20mm T6 plate but needs to be 15mm, so plan is to get it cut out but not the center and slim it down in the lathe as it is enough throw with the gap bed removed! .
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