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    anything mechanical in general really, bit of downhill biking and cross country. and a good sesh on the beer now and again
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  1. I haven’t even bonded mine in! Never got round it. dead easy though with some cord. Then after apply a small bead under the rubber lip all the way round by lifting it, then wipe up to stop leaks etc
  2. Here you go andy https://www.dortechdirect.co.uk/arbomast-autograde-sealant-for-windscreens.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugoxqTZIEbqVfnJ2NOeDoiaz6vA7JAPqiPFo0oG_sL7y2ejwz5abVfLBoCFwEQAvD_BwE
  3. I have a full front nose cut from my old project with a new lower panel welded on. front wings Drop me a message.
  4. Hi paul

    did you sell your i240 kit. in the end.....🤔

    Kind regards 




    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett


      never had an i240 kit to sell lol

    2. evo3000


      lol i was referring to the 400 rd kit you had for sale..👍

  5. Hi I would be interested it the doors any conditioning would be great 

  6. I have some doors. mill aube to check but I know o e has had repairs done and needs finishing not sure in the other.
  7. I was bought up opposite there. Was a Lada dealership during my childhood from my earliest memory.
  8. Will depend how high you have seats set I guess, I have to have drivers on lowest mount points, I haven’t measured up yet though
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