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    anything mechanical in general really, bit of downhill biking and cross country. and a good sesh on the beer now and again
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  1. not sure if I missed it but, why are you not flatting a nd sloshing before your build up, making life very hard for yourself there as the paint job doesn't look too bad and with a decent flatting and mopping a really good standard could be achieved if the paint is thick enough but having all the trim and stuff in the way will hamper it greatly
  2. as usual, methodical quality repair work Jason. keep at it!
  3. Thanks Paul for clearing that up

  4. Paul been looking at the Manta B coupe (gold one)

    I see the post dates are 2016 yet it appears top of the for sale list

    is it still for sale or was it sold and exported to Southern Ireland?

    Be greatful if you could let me know.


    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett

      someone has commented that's why. sold to Jason bris jas on here, and he's now sold it to someone in Ireland I believe

  5. Thanks guys. nees to simplify my life a bit now. V8 project is going too. I think I’ll have enough cash to keep the A series though
  6. It is gutting, but life moves on so the projects have to go. Hopefully wont have to resort to getting rid of the A.
  7. Life has took an unexpected turn that my marriage has ended so this will be up for sale as won’t have the space or funds to get this off the grounds Will be sorting an add with detailed pics etc. Mans as much of the panels etc as I can let go with it to make it good project for someone, maybe even the V6 engine and box I have for it. Anyone wishing to get in touch send me a message and we can talk.
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