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  1. Takes alot to live up to my name nowadays lol its more jack sparrow these days lol.....
  2. Lmao i nearly shir myself adding up all the old receipts mind you that included everything 3 engines 2 gearboxes 3 lots susspension 3 paint jobs etc etc etc ya no i would have gone 4 pot on the front maybe carlton 2.2 upgrade but the front brakes have never let me down and with the grooved discs and as no inner wings with good airflow been great. With the twin servo set up and chevy rear braking its well balanced... why change it if it works perfect is my moto... its only due to the rubbers perished i need a kit.. the car is now way different from when it was last out more drivable and road legual.. less agressive look.
  3. Never had a problem with front brakes got twin servo set up grooved discs never brake fade stops on a dime. Rear is camero vented drums
  4. Dusted off the old girl and stripped it for a refurb lots of changes and she is nearing completion... i am stuck on front brake calipers these have all rubbers perrished and sliders and brake pad pins so any help on where i can get a refurb set or replacement calipers would be of real help... the calipers are of a 1900sr berlinetta 81 coupe. Single pot. from an 81 1900 sr
  5. hi has anyone got a spare starter motor and fuel pump laying around for a gte 20lt... coupe.
  6. that looks the nuts....... credit to you m8 very well done!!!!!!!!!
  7. lol hi ya rab anyone seen my old patrol manta it dissapeared when i had to sell it due to house move......
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