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  1. Hi there ! I would like to sent me some photos of your mod on the heaterbox so to fit the standart DIN radio 18 cm deep
    Can you please sent me these to Dimpas@hotmail.com ?
    I need these ( and your advice) so to make the same mod...

  2. Well the new car is gracing my drive, but it's in the form of a B3 Audi quattro, an awesome beast, not fallen out with Mantas just fancied a change, I may see some of you around and hope to drop on Hovis some time, take care ;)

    1. yorkshirelad


      Eyup Mick I'll have to drop by and have a look at the new motor. Are you going to thoresby on monday?

  3. I take it by removal of my privileged access to all content I'm no longer a full member, Thanks for the courtesy message, advising me of the fact, who ever you are :-(

    1. simon p

      simon p

      You were emailed on the 11th September to notify you membership was about to expire. You were emailed on the 10th September to advise you your membership expired in 1 day. You were emailed on the 4th September to advise you your membership expired in 7 days. You were emailed on the 28th August to advice you your membership expired in 14 days time.

    2. stoo2000


      I also emailed you personally the day after you posted this comment, you may want to check your email =]

    3. opelmantagsi


      These things can happen, mostly a genuine mistake. Sometimes I have seen reminders sitting in junk mail. Hope you get this sorted. sometimes it's not an admin error...

  4. Doesn't she look well, not sure on the shiny bonnet though, it was defo a 1.9 S as I removed the original badges, but looked better with the SR, if you didn't know the full resto is on here that I did to it, the crack in the rear boot spoiler was caused when it was fitted to another SR I had in 1990 when an old fart rear ended me, never seen one fitted to another, keep putting that Dynax into the swans and all the other nooks and crannies and Hovis will live for quite some time, :-)
  5. For those not yet at Billing, it's going to be 32 today, bring at hat

  6. Billing 2013. SCORCHIO !!!!

    1. 611


      Will make up for last year :-)

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