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  1. You just have to pull it off unfortunately, the trim around the door handle, not the door card.
  2. Snowy

    Nosecone trim

    You are correct. I have a few good used ones. I haven't seen a new one pop up in years. Have you tried Opel classic parts?
  3. I even have a wiring guide for the change from standard to six clock dash.
  4. None I've ever done have the plug behind the dash. Which makes sense as the round plug for the standard dash has a different pin out to the six clock dash.
  5. The reason they aren't threaded properly is when you tighten the pressed nut down it doesn't distort the rear quarter. The pressed nut orientates itself to the rear quarter. A proper threaded nut wouldn't.
  6. I think you'll have to call them. They used to only put thr really popular stuff on their website.
  7. The injector boss bolts are only supposed to be hand tight. One mistake people make is to really tighten them and then the plate distorts and let's air into the system.
  8. Give East Kent Trim a call, I'm sure they stock this part.
  9. Is north Wales to far too travel, if not I shall give you a call? Thanks
  10. What colour do you want, I assume you want the lower left part of the dash with the glovebox in? I have a grey on if that's any good? Thanks
  11. Snowy


    It can't be original as the factory wouldn't have built a GTE with a 20S block. But it still could be original as the supplying dealer may have done this as a warranty claim on the engine.
  12. Snowy


    There is no difference in the blocks so as said probably a GTE spec built into a S block. What kind of lifters does it have?
  13. I've seen quite a few 1.8 and early 2.0 ohc clutches where whoever built them put the centre in the wrong way on the friction plate. This leaves you with either the springs touching the flywheel or the problem you describe. Do you have pictures of the clutch kit at all? Thanks
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