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  1. I have a pair of good, used, inner wings. Thanks
  2. I have a set in the garage, if I remember I will post a picture tomorrow. But you are correct they are not torx.
  3. It does fit but it's a little more work than the 20XE as stated. Definitely worth it though.
  4. If you don't use the car much you'll be back in a couple of months.
  5. Lots of other Vauxhall cars of the same age had the same mounting system. But the length changed to suit the car. He probably hasn't done it on purpose but sold you a set from another car. Just cut it down and use it.
  6. I am not 100% certain this one fits the manta as there is only one picture, but the replacement calipers are of this design. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAKE-CALIPER-FITS-VAUXHALL-ASTRA-CAVALIER-FRONT-LEFT-LUCAS-TRW-BHV197E/143582681871?fits=Car+Make%3AVauxhall|Model%3ACarlton&hash=item216e31db0f:g:9rkAAOSw4m9cEmm6
  7. I wouldn't bother re bushing them as they are a very poor design. There is a replacement caliper that bolts straight on with a different slide. The original calipers like to seize for fun.
  8. With these calipers I'd be thinking one or both slides are sticking.
  9. The calipers wont twist as the pads will centre the caliper onto the disc. I have honestly never tried to move my calipers like that so I can't say if that's normal or not.
  10. Do you remember when Opel Classic parts came to billing with there vans and were selling off the none sunroof roofs amongst other things. I cant remember who told me but they had spoken to OCP and they said they had sunroof skins but didn't bother to advertise them as there was no interest. It was a long time ago but worth an email to them.
  11. If you really struggle to fit the speedo cable there is one thing you can do that makes it easy. Unscrew the gearbox end which means you can push as much of the speedo cable through the dash as you like. Then as you replace the binicle thread it back through and re connect the gearbox end.
  12. I have a GTE P2 head if you need one. Much cheaper than converting one to unleaded.
  13. I bought it, had fun with it then sold it to fund a different project. The chassis rails were repaired by a very respected manta enthusiasts who drives a v6 a series. Not going to mention his name as I don't think he does this work anymore. The cylinder head is an Astra gte 18E head. Sad thing was I had sourced all the parts, that went with the car, to convert it to astra gte fuel injection. The sunroof was bubbling when I sold it. Everything else is new.
  14. Get in touch with Derek at GM6, he knows everything monza and will help you with what you need. https://m.facebook.com/GM6Spares/?locale2=en_GB
  15. I definitely have the gauges somewhere if you still need one. The horns I doubt as I just buy new ones when the old ones stop working.
  16. Wow and you think I wouldn't have noticed this. So they noy only made the door opening wider. They made both sides the same and lengthened both doors by the same amount. While cutting and shutting they made the fuel filler a different size. Also the coupe boot lid from my old 1800 doesn't fit. I suppose they changed that at the same time. This forum really goes dark quickly doesn't it. This car had only ever had a patch to the rear of each sill. Even the original chassis rails I fitted required work to the flanges as none of them aligned around the bulkhead. I put it down to being an ascona rail but everyone I've spoken to says they are the same.
  17. The door lines up perfectly everywhere except the bottom. It lines up with the wing but the gradually comes out at the rear quarter
  18. I bought my sills from retro power. They've fitted other mantas fine. I have the gaps exactly as I want them now. The very front is a little off but it was like that before and is like that on the drivers side. The only way I will get the door bottom right at the back is to slit the frame and weld it back up. The front wing to door gap is perfect. The swage lines are perfect but the rear lower part of the door just sticks out a little.
  19. No idea. I've even had to extend the replacement sills by cutting sections out of some old ones I had where I only used the rear section. I couldn't understand why they just didn't fit until I remembered the doors are longer and then it hit me that the door opening must be longer to. I am having a hard time with this car.
  20. It's not very helpful to be honest. Parts you think are going to fit just don't. One other oddity is the fuel filler flap is a slightly different size than standard.
  21. The car is very unique. It is quite an early car. I bought replacement doors and when I fitted one it was about 10mm to short. I tried some other doors I had and they were also to short. When measured the original doors really are longer than all the others I have.
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