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  1. I'm taking advice from people in europe who are building these engines now. With rolling road figures to back up their statements. So yes I will wait for my disappointment. Thanks
  2. I have.....and I'm actually talking to people who build these engines with the parts mentioned. Proven results, not just here say.....
  3. Can you quote your source for this information? I've been doing a lot of research and from what I'm reading, and talking to guys in the Netherlands doing this, I will not loose torque. The 2.2 head seems to be the weak link, especially the exhaust ports that don't flow as well as the 2.0, but the 2.4 rectified that issue.
  4. You don't see many for sale as the original cast manifold is actually very good.
  5. All installed now. Just waiting for my timing cover now then the bottom end can be finished. Cam is being sent off to Newman cams. Just cannot decide if I want to go with a 2.4 head or 2L head. Thanks
  6. Not high revving, but the 1600 crank causes less vibrations at higher rpm. It's installed along with 3 piston now. One will have to wait until tw thorntons opens again Monday as one of the oil control rings supplied is the wrong size.
  7. I cannot remember who was asking but here is a picture of a 1600 and 2000 crank next to each other. You can clearly see the different counter weights.
  8. Depends what age the car is. But if you want standard brakes and can find the twin pots go for it!
  9. Search cavalier carlton etc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384278000955?hash=item5978c0f53b:g:la4AAOSwB5pg8MQ8
  10. Usually a few new ones on Ebay. Look for Vauxhall Astra or cavalier, obviously you want the calipers for the solid discs.
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