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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for your offer, ok I will take £20 for the Red one. Regards Martin
  2. hi Alf Yes that is fine, send payment by Paypal Gift to martin@mm-businessconsultancy.co.uk include your full name and address in the notes for delivery Regards Martin
  3. I am having a clearout and am selling all my 1:43 scale models. There are a couple of Opel Mantas and an Opel Ascona. All the models are new (unless described otherwise) and had been removed from their packaging to be displayed in a glass cabinet. They have been put back into their boxes but I haven't removed any dust from the models to ensure that they were not damaged if I rushed the job. Payment by Paypal or BACS please. Prices are inclusive of postage but for multiple orders I will discount the postage costs. Price is £23.00 ono each delivered Any questions please ask
  4. I am looking for a gearbox mount for my Manta A but need to know what the difference is between the 2 gearbox mounts. One is a OHV Oval Rubber Gearbox Mount @ 79 Euro the other is a CIH Oval Rubber Gearbox Mount @ 39 Euro. My car is a 1.9 Berlinetta (1974, M Reg) with manual box. Thanks Martin
  5. My Manta A 1.9 (1974) is perfect when in the forward gears, but when I select reverse and start to move backwards there is a knocking noise through the gearbox area? Is this the propshaft bearing or something more sinister I'm not very mechanical so any help would be appreciated. The gearbox selects all gears easily and the clutch is fine also. Thanks Martin
  6. There's one on eBay at the minute. Pics are not the best and it's White not Red. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260469066059&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  7. Here's some pics of the Surrounds. They are a bit dirty and the chrome has some marks but they are unbroken and ready to fit.
  8. I'll have a look at the weekend and PM you to confirm I have it and it's in good condition Cheers Martin
  9. I've looked at my car and the grille is between the lights, then you have the headlight surrounds on each side (confused) Is it the surrounds you need as I may be able to help there also
  10. I have the centre part of the grille where the Opel badge fits if that helps you?
  11. Agree with all the above. Get her insurance details and claim off her insurance as you will be covered for a proper repair job. Is your car covered on a Classic Policy and have you got an agreed value for the car as I also own Escort RS2000's and I have had friends who have been given the runaround because the repair bill was too expensive and outwayed the value of the car accoridng to their valuations I hope all goes well, but if the insurance company want to write the car off due to parts costs then ask for the car back and the valuation of the car as you will be able to repair the car and still be well in pocket after this
  12. Nice car, looks good in White
  13. Hi Ian Thans for that I'll PM you to sort out Cheers Martin
  14. Can anyone help me please I need an Engine mount Rubber for the passenger side (near side) of my Manta A Berlinetta. Does anyone have one or recommend where I can get one Many thanks Martin
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