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  1. it has a thread on here the guys user name is h11poc sold it unfinished but has a good roof. cheers wullie
  2. i will pack if you arrange carrier bud no probs cheers wullie
  3. yo sutty i have one but in scotland but no heater motor in it. cheers wullie
  4. thats right bud full rmj 16v superb full grey recaro interior just never had time aye still got my i200 bought floor pans for it so it will be back on the road hopefully soon just need wing bands for it.at the moment engine is out for cleaning and painting
  5. lol it was me that had it 20 years ☺️
  6. sure is the old blue/purple one and as far as im aware scott done all the work on it so dont get were the guy has spent 20k pmsl
  7. nahh its a 1983 mike i sold it to scott from kirky a few years back he painted it put the cavvy engine in it so the guy is talking shit as to spending 20k scotty only got 4k think there was a thread on it taylorblue as it was not a bad shell the car looks totally shit now. ☹️ wullie
  8. blitzi


    has anybody got a pair of inner wing rails for sale pattern panels will do cheers in advance folks
  9. hatch and coupe same windscreens bud cheers wullie
  10. i think this chap has been sniffing the glue as i sold this car to scott taylor from kirkintilloch 4yr ago scott brought it up to a good standard but run out of cash. didnt require floor pans ? only 1 swan neck req welding im sure scott run a thread on it also it isnt a gte its a berlinetta origionally also ownership i was the 3rd so must be 5/6 by now. hope this helps people cheers wullie
  11. you have some balls bud i would have binned that bootlid and used another wont you get a lot of distortion on the panel?? cheers wullie
  12. the self tapper is for the attachment of the black headlamp bezzel bar mike they look good cheers wullie
  13. they are your petrol pipe clips buddy cheers wullie
  14. there is a fair braw i200 on ebay germany the now dont know how to do the link thing
  15. there was a set for sale on here a wee while ago bud think it was offers over £900 which was relatively cheap as i was told around 15/20 yr ago £1500 was the going rate!
  16. if you are getting spark disconect the fuel supply and pore a cap full directly into carb if not fuel some easy start and take it from there it will prob be mechanical fuel pump that is gubbed bud cheers wullie
  17. good to here ur still around buddy im the same as you havent got the motivation due to cold weather but it will come back to us all in the end bud all the best wullie
  18. have a look at car panels 4 u website bud they do them
  19. good to see all the old faces coming back again its like a bug once smitten always going to get another your old coupe was for sale a couple of months ago clive it just shows you the work you put into it paid of as it still lives on lol
  20. thats looking superb bud keep the good work up
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