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  1. sutty spotted South bound m6 by man being abducted in a bright orange panda
  2. Seems a lot of money for a non restored car , having done a couple of these I say good luck with the sale
  3. Due to personal experience I would go with a 32/36 progressive carb as the one you have opens both chokes same time and tends to overfuel on acceleration low down Mick
  4. Crikey that would take some serious amount of mig wire to resurrect but worth it
  5. One just come on ebay 271490597379
  6. Cheers Guys If anyone wants to see or drive it it won't be a problem . Any questions then please ask .Just send me a message I will be home Mick
  7. Got a big pile of springs ,anyone know diameter and length just to make sure I get proper ones
  8. Sure I have a front spring set somewhere as lowered mine and never throw anything away, will have a look when back from work at weekend Mick
  9. So the opinion is its a tidy ,non restored ,bit bubbly, maybe MOT,d and taxed and it £3500 for a hatch ?
  10. What does that make a good one on the road worth , must have been bid up
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