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  1. Im putting a 1.8 manta dizzy setup on my xe, but have noticed the manta pulley that will also drive the dizzy, is slightly bigger around than the xe one? will the belt teeth still line up or do i have to do something else??? Thanks
  2. Just wondering if anyone has a pre fabricated bracket to allow me to bolt my manta dizzy setup onto my xe? Being a family man just cant find the time to even think of making one!!!
  3. yeah just been lookin at megajolt stuff..........think thats definetly the way forward. thanks for info mate
  4. Putting a dizzy setup from a 1.8 onto an xe. The pulley from the manta is bigger than the xe's and therefore the pulley teeth are not the same to fit the xe's timing belt??? Whats the go on that then manta wizards? help much appreciated
  5. complete handbrake cable for a series axle needed. or if another series cable will fit, that'll do just fine. thanks
  6. Having trouble deciding which carburettor road to take. Just finishing my Kadett C Coupe project, with C20XE in it, and gettin low on the old spangola. Any of you guys got R1 carbs? How do they fair out to a pair of 45's?? Cheers James
  7. parts needed as follows: 5 speed getrag rear mount 5 speed getrag clutch fork with clip in tact distributor to fit c20xe, either gsi or manta setup alternator top bracket to fit c20xe ( not sure what they're like? do they have a tensioner or no? ) rwd exhaust manifold handbrake cable for a series axle
  8. before we go any further......it may be a good idea to paint a better picture. I've got an opel kadett coupe which this engine is going in to. I have a manta a series axle and tube on the back and a getrag 5 speed manta box to go on the engine. Now are you saying that its a manta B prop i need to fit? I've also just been notified that there is a company called Reco Prop online that will make me a prop from scratch to the spec you want. Any one heard if there good or no? Cheers for the help
  9. Im after, most importantly, a sump pan so i can make my c20xe a rear wheel drive, and also i need an A series prop shaft so that my rear wheels will drive!!! A complete handbrake cable wouldn't go a miss either. Any help much appreciated. James
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