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  1. Hi, Nice looking and clean A. Welcome. Mick B
  2. Hi, Thanks. I thought they were but they don't look that big. I'm wondering whether the 14" tyres that are on the car make it look higher than it should. MickB
  3. Hi, Rather than hi-jack the previous thread I thought I would ask seperately. I have a set of adjustable spax shocks on my A that were fitted when I bought it. The car is raised in height at the back and I was wondering if these were the cause. How do you adjust them and can I lower the shocks and would this then lower the car? Many thanks Mick
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has fitted one of these and if so how? Basically my A has had the radio mounting and gauge mounting cut out of it for some reason and I am left with a great gaping hole there. I drive the car every day and need my music! So I was thinking in the short term rather than go to the expense building some sort of radio mount I would install one of these, as I could simply plug in my MP3 player and hitch it up to a couple of speakers, the holes of which are already cut in the doors: http://cgi.ebay.co.u...r_Amplifiers_PP My only thought, as I am not too well up on electrics, is can I run a 12v supply to it? There appears to be a cable that goes with it that has a 12v jack and tails. Any advice would be appreciated and maybe I'm just being too lazy but it seems to save the hassle of changing CD's as well. Many thanks Mick
  5. Hi, I've also got an A 1974 SR, bright yellow to boot! Welcome. Just managed to get mine on the road after having it for a year. have to admit I cheated and got someone to do all the welding for me as I hadn't a clue. Have been restoring it with new bits and pieces though and its vert satisfying driving it around now. Enoy. This is a great site with very freindly bods with great advice and help. Regards Michael
  6. Hi, Some of you may remember I bought this just over a year ago (the Manta A being my first car when I was 17 and always having a love of them) but had problems with the welding, which is all it failed its MOT on. Well I got all the welding done for £600 which I thought was a good price as I cannot do this myself, and it went through the MOT. I know this project is not quite as impressive as many of the total rebuilds on here, but I have enjoyed tinkering around with the engine and trying to bring it back to a certain originality and thought you may like to see some pics. I have managed to change the Recaro seats (boy were they uncomfortable) that had been fitted and now have original ones with head rests too, I changed the dashboard fascia as the old one had been cut about and put back the orginal steering wheel as a very small racing wheel had been fitted. The bumpers had for some reason been sprayed black but I managed to get all this off and take them back to the metal, unfortunately they do need fully re-chroming to make them totally respectable. I have put all the badges back on as they had all been removed and genrally cleaned the car up inside and out. Work still to be done is really cosmetic, I want to replace the wheels with the original Rostyle's, fix the centre piece of the dash that did hold the radio and gauges as this has been cut out, replace the yellow wing mirrors with chrome ones and generally repair all the rusty body work and then anything else that comes along, as i'm sure it will. At least it now gets driven nearly every day, want to get my monies worth from the £112 for 6 months tax! Anyway thats about it, not sure too much more drastic will happen to it and I will continue to get the parts as when my pocket money allows me. Many thanks for looking. Mick B
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