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  1. After a set of recaros to fit in a manta a if anyone can help I have a small pot of cash waiting
  2. would i be able to keep the 13" wheels
  3. can anyone sell me or point me in the right direction to someone who can supply me with disc's pads caliper for a manta a 1973 thanks
  4. Any one know where I can buy some or if any other Opel suspension would fit
  5. hi mate yes just the glass,thanks
  6. have taped it up for now but need one asap if anyone came help
  7. hi mate thanks got the grill this morning but you sent the wronge side hehe i went through the posts i put up and i did ask for the n/s one and you sent the o/s,i dont mind keep it if i send you another £20 could you please send me the n/s one,sorry to put you to any trouble thanks
  8. my car sits way to high at the front and would like to lower it,the back is fine,maybe over the years it has weakend the rears and it sits lower no sure but when i am driving it it feels like i am about to take off hehe,dont want to cut them just want to buy new ones can anyone point me in the right direction
  9. thanks will do that,this could be a very handy post,maybe other people could do the same & save your selfs a heep of money
  10. no that wronge the v5 only states registration date not build date,if i can prove it was built before 1973 the they will except it
  11. not sure if this is posted in the correct section,but i have a march 1973 manta A ,how would i go about proving to the dvla that it was built before 1972,if anyone could give any idea thanks
  12. hi mate thats great please pm me with price + postage thanks
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