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  1. Part numbers 0280150205 has anybody got a few for sale
  2. I will get a few pics Thursday for you
  3. Pretty much yes I went coil over rear so did away with the spring pan set up and modded the axle for 5 link
  4. I'm running and atlas in my 400r width wise it's running 9j X 16 wheels plus 20mm spacers and fill the arch nicely, do also have 9.75j X 17 which also fit
  5. After a fuel tank neck ideally from a manta but ascona would also work, anything about?
  6. Has anybody got a 5 speed tunnel top?
  7. Good for you still managed to get the fair price I wanted for mine in the end anyway
  8. Hi all im after the parts that hold the bonnet stay onto the slam panel. Ive got the metal rod just need the part that it sits in and the clip Any help.appreciated
  9. Productive day today engine box quick rack front arb and exhaust all on
  10. Engine and box now together, alternator on and rocker cover modified to accept coil on plugs
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