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  1. Yeah the complete set I bought which has the front trailing arm ones missing is Super Pro, I called them and asked where they were and said they don't do them I said well its not a "complete set" then is it!? looks like Powerflex ones. cheers.
  2. Hi all, I'm doing a complete restoration on MK1 Cav, I have purchased a "complete" poly bush kit but doesn't come with the front X-member trailing arm to chassis bushes! These are available from other manufacturers but the fact that they don't come with the outer metal sleeve bothers me as its not a solid tube that it fits in to. Can anyone vouch for these sleeveless poly bushes for the front trailing arms or help where to get OEM rubber replacements, cheers.
  3. Hi all! I'm on with a complete rebuild of the front cross-member and for whatever reason don't have an upper spring seat (the rubber dohnut with the metal collar) if anyone has one kicking about they can spare let me know and I'll get you some cash n details over. Thanks!
  4. Yeah they are new to me too, only ever seen 2.0's with Bendix calipers just assumed these are what were fitted to 1.6's.
  5. If its injection its a dicky ICV, had this before it drove me insane trying to find it!
  6. Hi all, I'm in the middle of refurbishing my dads's front brake calipers, I can find everything except the weird little springs that hold tension between the caliper and carrier. I've already gone down the route of telling him to upgrade to carlton or later Cavalier but he doesnt want to hear it so here we are, any help appreciated, cheers guys! Edit: Car is an '81 Cavalier LS.
  7. Cheers guys! Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi all! Couple of things I've been meaning to find out see if you guys can help... Q1. How do you tell 2.0 and 1.6 CIH heads apart? Q2. On the left hand side of the binnicle above the fog light switch is a blank, what goes there other than a blank? Some rare option? Heated seats, swedish models only?? Q3. I have a number of vauxhall CIH engines and 1 from a '78 Rekord van, the sump is the wrong way round and the dipstick is on the other side of the engine mount, why is this? And is it just a case of switching them round to suit cav & manta? Many thanks everyone! Rich.
  9. Howie86

    Kadett Coupe

    Tell me about it! If it wasnt for my other cars I would have one already! I let 2 slip through my fingers last summer both for under £800!!
  10. Howie86

    Kadett Coupe

    That car is the reason I want one! get a thread up on MY Diplo! aswel lol. Ive spoke to bauke about pics of his red Commo he's digging them out of his back up system I'll mail you with them soon as, also dont forget to ask about that PAS system and If you see a cheap Kadett C Coupe give me a shout! Cheers dude!
  11. WOW Drew! you wernt kidding! They are some pretty motors! The Sport has a great story behind it! deffinatly a keeper!
  12. Yes i agree they look like old skool vectors! cool as hell! car looks really nice when did the car have the C20SEH fitted?
  13. Howie86


    Yes definatly 15's with a bit of a drop, 13's have too much tyre wall. Sweet project, I have respect for the guys that get up and do it as opposed to the majority who seem to spend their time dreaming and talking about doing it, well done sir!
  14. Looking good there simon! whats the deal with the registration? was it never UK registed? what else is left to do apart from refitting the chrome? when do you plan on taking her home to milton keynes? cant wait till mines done and they're parked side by side! lol.
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