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  1. The only problem is they use the hella lamp units with ball stud adjusters which is looks you guys dont have
  2. I scrapped the original fixings and designed and 3D printed my own system in ABS. this holds the lamp unit more central so they are not resting in water when the car gets wet. (see pic 2)
  3. I think this is probably better than any museum car.
  4. Yeah I Have a 3D printer with a heated bed so I can print ABS plastic, and im a bit of a whizz on the CAD as I've been doing it for donkeys! I'm making a conversion for the Irmscher Light Units as im not a fan of the adjuster/lamp holding system. I have a set of 12 bolts, and 2 spares but I was wondering if they are available new from somewhere of if anyone has a source. I've seen these Mike and ive got them on a watch list :-) cheers
  5. I'm looking for anyone who would know where I can get these new? Used ones are generally rusty an look like the above. They are headlamp adjuster bolts for aftermarket quad headlamps. Im unsure what they would have been from originally, but I've checked all the usual suspects (Ford Etc) and no luck. I cant see them listed on ebay and I've googled the hell out of different word combo's. Any help would be good. They a M6X1 thread, Ball end is approx. 5.1mm Cheers
  6. Does anyone know of or have a pair of metal fuel injector mounts? One of my plastic ones has a hairline crack in it. I've seen them before, we're they standard on the Monza?
  7. Might be a good idea Pete. I want to upgrade the insulation to a silicone fibreglass with silicone tape to bond it together. Edelshmiede look to only do a stock replacement and that's not good enough for that sort of money. These were working class sports cars and now have got the "classic" badge which ups the price to megabucks.
  8. Looking for one to rebuild with new wire and proper modern heat shielding, then use it to replace mine. I've never taken one apart so I don't know what I'm facing hence why I would rather have a suspect or known faulty one. I'm certain I can do it, but best have one that's knackered to start with. There is nothing wrong with mine it works fine but the wires are getting a bit stiff and the useless black plastic shielding is split so it's more of a prevention measure to rebuild one.
  9. Hi there. It might seem like a strange request, but I would like to get hold of a old GT/E "L or LE" injection loom that is either suspect or completely baked and hard as I am looking to do a project over the winter to rewire one. This could be a benefit to members as I am looking to do a article for the mag on how to do it and protect it from future damage! If you have one that has damaged connectors (apart from the ECU connector that must be A-OK), please get in touch as this still might be of use. I'm willing to pay about £10 - £15 + £5 postage for one that's suspect or baked so if you have one and its gathering dust then please get in touch and also let me know. Also the rubber bulkhead bung MUST be present. Cheers Bill
  10. She's looking the dogs mate. Cant wait to see her finished
  11. I thought that I had a problem owning 9 of them, but that's a hell of a addiction you have there!!!!
  12. Thank-You Herman for sharing these images. Some very nice Opel from the past.
  13. Well Off she goes to the body shop! Lets see what happens in about 3 weeks! I'm quite liking the borrowed set of BMW wheels actually!
  14. Repairs and respray about 2 - 3 weeks. I'm paying extra to get a full respray done. He's going to attack a few bodywork issues to make her like new again. She will then get shipped back to mine and I will reassemble the underbonnet and reinstall the interior, rear lighting and bumper. That will take about 2 - 3 Days. I've removed everything on the front end that would compromise the respray, including unthreading the loom from the front end back to the bulkhead . I've removed all the numberplate lights out of the bumper and unthreaded the loom from the rear panel etc. It's like last year all over again!
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