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  1. Thank you, that makes sense. The non halogens were like candles and I needed to hold a torch out of the window to see where I was going! I'm guessing the beam pattern is OK as it passed its MOT with them fitted. Its probably more important to have useable headlights and forego the period features. So the hella units are the best, until they rust, then use the Lucus with Leds? The lucas ones always seem more expensive and I assumed they were the best.
  2. Is there a problem using later lights on an earlier model? Or is it just to keep them period correct? My '76 cav had globe style, non halogen bulbs when I first got it which I swapped for halogen units from bro' s manta GT/J - 1x lucas, 1x, Hella. I hadn't noticed any difference, but I have a spare lucas lens to switch with the hella to make them match if it's worth the effort? I'm not sure if I have the originals any more. The lenses were OK but the reflectors were shot. Would you suggest swapping the lenses back if I can find them?
  3. Thank guys, I've been looking for some of these for a while. My cav rear bumper has only had the 2 centre mountings since I bought her in 1991! If they are wrong I'll simply return them. Thanks again Mark
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