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  1. The narrower i240 kit sits on the Manta shape much better than the i400, accepted they were both done for a purpose but from an aesthetic point of view the i240 seems more in proportion with the rest of the car. Those lights on the front are an aquired taste and those wheels don't work for me, not so much the style but the colour, I'd paint them gunmetal grey leaving a silver rim, but these are little details of personal choice, otherwise.... WOW !!!!!! that is one really nice Manta, it just looks right, impossible to define but everything has come together to score a bullseye !
  2. It sits quietly shedding silent tears of shame having had 'that' engine dumped into it.......
  3. The Getrag 5 speed manual gearbox suffers a bizarre fault, a circlip becomes detached on the speedo worm drive inside the rear of gearbox allowing the worm drive to slide along it's shaft and disengage with the speedo drive cable, The bizarre bit is if you reverse the car the worm drive re-engauges and the speedo works again until you brake and the worm drive slides out of engagement again !! The speedo being a similar design on auto boxes means this may also happen to them though I have not heard of any instance of this myself.
  4. Would the show be next to this place ? - Camping 't Karrewiel - Campsite Peschweg 8 5864 CZ Meerlo Netherlands
  5. Great selection of Opels, I wish i could have been there. In the background of the second picture of your 400 it appears that the large barn is being dismantled, is this correct ?
  6. I made a cover for the cam chain to do my hydraulic tappets, just an arch with two semi circles welded up out of sheet steel, not totally successful because there is some splashing from the rockers/tappets.
  7. With the tank full of just petrol vapor it's in the most dangerous state, I've heard a story about a Jag with a drained fuel tank exploding when being welded. Take the tank out and you know you'll be safe, plus you can inspect all the pipework, which unless it is very obviously new replace. you could even clean and paint the tank, how about this for a left field idea, paint it Polar White to match the rest of the car ? wouldn't need a cover for it to look smart when you opened the boot.
  8. If your very lucky someone will have an original ZF for sale, failing that Gripper Diffs make a Manta LSD, A friend did some CAD design work for them and rates them - https://gripperlsd.com/product-category/opel/ That's a rare colour on a coupe, are those early B series trim strip on the side ?
  9. OB's are sought after in the coach world, they are smaller than later coaches so are easier to store, if someone was brave a ground up restoration would not be impossible as these vehicles were largely hand built, recreating it using craftsman's skills is not beyond an enthusiast, plus they when restored they are valuable, like this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-coach/263864599913?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52945%26meid%3D5f5da5c0064d40809dd180021ddb95e1%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D163198954858%26itm%3D263864599913&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  10. The clue is in the thread title, Terry..... !!!!! If you could find it again H4WBE would appreciate a link.
  11. £900 is strong money for a Manta that's a project car, it all depends on what it's like underneath. Noticed it was in Luton, that's right under my nose, so to speak, Didn't know about this one, they're still out there waiting to be discovered. wonder where it is going to ?
  12. That is the back end of a Monza ( damn that van parked there ! ) It is quite possible that the two cars concerned are Monzas, easily confused by the general car enthusiast, both Opel sports coupes of the same era with similar sounding names.
  13. Today i visited the Stansted Raceway, a grand title for a dirt oval track down the back lanes of west Essex, another one tick off on my list of race tracks visited, talking to one of the competitors he asked if I'd got any interesting cars, i said i had a terminal Opel Manta addiction to which he replied " i know where there is two of them, at a cars sales garage in Stotfold, you can't see them, one is restored and kept locked up, the other is round the back " Right i thought, who can't see them ? Google Earth !! What do you think, is that a Grey Manta Hatch ? it's the closest in appearance to a Manta of the cars 'round the back', the Google Earth image is dated 5/7/2018
  14. This is always a great boost when tackling any car, having it come back to life, even if there is more work to be done, is a wonderful moral booster.
  15. Ooh nice, one of my favourites! Another biscuit I am partial to is a Lemon Puff - remember those?! I'd enjoy both of these, but you can't beat two Chocolate Digestives arranged chocolate faces together, then dunked into coffee so as the chocolate melts together, expert 'dunkers' never have any biscuit fall into their coffee....
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