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  1. Hi, I have managed to get a subaru impreza one in there Using the original manta servo i extended the rod that pokes the MS by about 7MM and re drilled the mounting flange to line up with the manta servo. I have gone for the 2 outlet (ABS) master from the Subaru and have pipped it up so the front brakes run of the first half and the rear come of the back via a bias valve Looks to be ok but i have to finish of bleeding it all out Will let you know the outcome Cheers Derek:thumbup
  2. Hi All, Finely got the manta V8 an MOT and its just the best fun The problem is the master cylinder decided to go stupid on the way home and now i have no front brakes I have been looking for a replacment but there dosent seem to be much about also had a look for seal kits again nothing and the big red kit that was supposed to do the job is the wrong size Any body had any joy with swapping the master cylinder out for somthing else? maybe a calton one or somthing that you can still get a hold of I have got a peddle box but it will need a lot of chopping to get it in and being floor mounted it will mess up the driving position Many thanks Derek O yes the car is an 1800s on an C plate if that helps. its also got a 4 pot front upgrade and is running a ford 9" rear end with the big old drums.
  3. o dear 2 very sad looking cars they need the engines removing then crushing TBH. in the case of the 1st one will prob get crushed by the DVLA....
  4. errr can i have it please? will be happy to pay for it via pay pall What sort of money do you want for it posted to maidstone in kent? Many thanks Derek
  5. Hi, Has any one got a spare clamp that holds the battery in? seems i have managed to lose 2 of them. Its for a manta B if that helps Thanks Derek:thumbup
  6. Thanks for the kind words I am having a few problems with my stupid old welder at the moment it keeps jaming its wire Any way going to get her indoors to give it a good talking to then it will work:thumbup Thanks again Derek
  7. Hi all Here Are a few pics of the manta I got it running ok with out dumping its juices every where and it goes very well now:thumbup seems to have loads of power:thumbup I am sorting the very bad wiring out at the moment and doing the little bits of welding also got a good set of twin headlights to fit! got an exhaust to make and a lot of painting to do underside as you can see. Hope you like the pictures and they work this time!
  8. Well i still havent been able to drag up any info on the car but i know it hasent been on the road since 1994. Well thats what came back when a did a sorn on it! Still i have been doing a lot of work on it, all basic stuff like changing the clutch master and slave bits and getting it ready for MOT:thumbup But it seems it has been left standing with plain water in the engine and it has blown out some of the core plugs. the worst bit is i think i will have to take the engine out to get to them. only got this and the brakes to fix now and it will be MOT time Cheers Derek PS i will post some more pictures when i can get it out of the garage without it spilling its guts everywhere:D
  9. Rover v8 it. And it will sound nice then 2 Cheers Derek
  10. Did you use the original pump wire's? if so you may have a problem with the conections on the pump also worth checking the fuse they tend to get hot it the contacts get dirty then they go open untill cooled down. My one used to do it all the time. turns out the pump was stuffed in the end that was loading it up to much. worth just sticking a meter across the pump when it cuts out. that will point you in the right direction if not fule you need to check the ignition, pop plug lead off and stick an old plug on it and see if you still have a spark after it cuts out. Cheers Derek
  11. Hi all Trying to fix the brakes on the Manta v8 and it looks like the master cylinder seals have gone home I have ordered a kit from big red but was wondering if i can actualy do the job? Is there any special tools required to strip it down? Many thanks Derek
  12. Hi paul, Very intresting at least i know what to look for now Looks like it will have to be a p6 timing case and pullys for clearance of the charger belt Thanks again for all the good info mate i will drop that chap an email see if he knows of the car Many thanks Derek
  13. Hi Paul, As far as i know its a p6 engine that the chap has fitted thicker head gaskets to lower the compresion. Not sure that its a lot of good TBH the 4.6 would be a nice conversion but i have been told they can suffer from porus blocks not sure if thats true or not. i also have a 3.5 landrover 101 engine so its very low comp and its in tip top condition so with the right cam it would be better for the blower., any way i am still fighting with the wiring at the moment nealy there tho just the fuel pump power to sort. I have got a nice holley one to fit with ajustable presure regulator it all looks very nice. Thanks again Derek PS has any one seen this car before?
  14. Sorry just noticed the pictures dident work so here we go! Hi Mate I have a few pictures of the other project manta v8 i will dig them out for you.
  15. Hi All, Just got this nice little manta hatch of the net. Its got a rover v8 Fitted and a ford 9" final drive. Its fitted with 305/15 on split image rims on the rear and 205's on the front Its been tubed out as you can see and some big boxed out bits under the tubing It has got a super charger fitted (wade ro34) but its missing the belt. I have today fitted the edelbrook manifold and the holley carb o i can see if it runs. then start the prep for mot Loads to do. welding wise it looks to only need a little patch on the sill and one behind the headlight where it joins the inner wing and in general it looks loads better than the other sunroof rotten shell i have got. Has any body seen this car before? What do you recon? to me it looks like somone has put a lot of time into this car and i would love to know more about it. Cheers Derek
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