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  1. GTE'ing a Cav ? Old school, didn't think people bothered anymore!
  2. Looks great. Rear looks kinda high though. The ride height I mean.
  3. I have to agree with Cav here. Moody looking paint could just be moody light and none of the important stuff is in the pictures. It's about 45 minutes away from me - I may have a look for the giggles though I'd hate to waste the poor guys time. edit: oh wait, no. Headlight wipers are MIA. For that reason I'm afraid I'm out.
  4. I recall when you guys came and got the skin. Strapped to the top of a mk3 astra wasn't it ?
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-OPEL-MANTA-GTE-GREY-/330859302812 For the money I think I'd prefer the 1.8 Berlinetta that's on ebay as well......with the GTEs interior.......and ideally 16v power heh heh
  6. I had a picture of it back then but it's long since lost. I remembered getting a shot of the front as you seemed a little sensitive about the finish of the repair. You shouldn't have worried; that thing was a mess.
  7. Yes you can see the white berlingo van I had hired for the weekend in one or two shots. I remember the silver coupe you had back then Mick. Had a bad rear quarter impact or some such ?
  8. Just missed it then! Ian do you have a meet at this time of year ? MK isn't too far away- probably closer than the NWest meet was when I was in Manchester. Was it 2007 when we suffered really bad winds overnight and it done-in the club gazebo ? Glad the pictures are appreciated anyway.
  9. Wow I remember when I first saw this at the NW meet back around 2005 I think.
  10. Hi Dan! I got into Nissans for a while then had to get away from cars generally. Also I live not far from Watford nowadays. Found a couple more; Playing with headlights. Jeez, this feels like a zillion years ago;
  11. More Randoms on my Photobucket I had quite a few more but lost loads when a paid-for hosting site expired.
  12. Oh I just noticed some pictures have date stamps YAY! Man, they use to really annoy me ha ha. More from Billing - Pretty sure this was/is Rick Mantas ? A wet Tatton Park
  13. Hey guys I was a member a while ago from Manchester and have a load of pictures that may be of interest. Not sure about specific locations or dates but I'd guess about 6 years ago. America Day @ somewhere Billing, porbably a couple of years jumbled together; Another Cheshire Show A very hot Tatton Park Randoms; -Don't think I took this. Probably hosted for someone. -A wet Saturday at Tatton. I think we had 3 cars on the stand that day.
  14. A modern multi-link IRS would be superior to any live axle due to better control of the wheel's posture, positive dynamic camber gains during heavy cornering and negating the classic weakness of one wheel hitting a bump disrupting the posture of the other. In real terms it's probably not worth the hassle as the usual mods, plus better location of the axle & something like a Watts linkage if your feeling swanky, would give a decent set-up. Putting-in an older system like semit-trailing arms (Sierra/E30 3-series) is almost certainly not worth the work involved. They have their own strengths and weaknesses.
  15. Thanks for the information Steve. Have you seen much of E555 KHY recently, btw ?
  16. Hey everyone, not been on here for ages! A peep from the Datsun scene is trying to find some details about an Opel dealership in Sunderland. Here's his message; "I was wondering whether you could help me find out the old phone number of my Grandad's Opel dealership. He ran it from 1966 to 1982 as an Opel dealership in Sunderland. Its name was Denis Howey Limited, Roker Park Garage, Sunderland. I want to find out the old phone number as used in the 80s for a little tribute I am getting made up. Maybe your Opel pals have some literature or old dealer brochures that will list the phone numbers. After 1982 the Opel franchise was terminated as GM tried to push him into selling Vauxhalls instead which he did not want to do." I'm sure any help will be appreicated, thanks!
  17. Sounds like a DeDion type your descirbing there, otherwise known as Semi-Indipendent. See 'em alot on kit cars, especially Cobras. The E30 uses a Semi-Trailing Arm set-up, incidentally. Pretty good in it's day but they suffer badly from strange toe gains when the bushes are worn, and doesn't compaire well to a decent multi-link set-up. Still an improvement over a solid, axle ofcourse.
  18. Hey guys, I have a load of Manta Magic backissues from when I was a member a couple of years ago. Specifically; Nov92, March97, Summer05 - Summer 08. Anybody want to rescue them before they go to the recycle muncher ? Free if collected from Manchester. Could probably post but that would cost £10 as they're fairly heavy and I'd want beer money for the hassle. Ta Pete.
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