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  1. does anyone can help me? Are there parts from Omega/Carlton I could use to wider track or to improve braking system?
  2. sicuro, ma comunque non ho idea della cifra, anche indicativa, che potrebbe costare la spedizione. 50€, 100€?l'eventuale acquisto dipende da quello che tu chiedi più il costo di spedizione ne hai uno? sure, but I have no idea of the figure, also indicative that could cost shipping. 50 €, 100 €? the possible purchase depends on what you ask plus the cost of shipping. Do you have one?
  3. hi all, i would like to start a redtop conversion on my Manta B GT/E. I'm looking for a 1,8 box in good condition, but i live in Italy, and i don't know how much can costs the shipping to my country. I live in Turin, Nort west. thanks in advance, greets from Italy
  4. Hello everyone, I want to start the redtop conversion on my Manta GT / E. I'll prefer to use the gearbox of Manta 1.8, even though I found as donor car an Omega/Carlton A 2,0 i. Are there interchangeable parts between the two cars that may be useful to: widen the roadway, or to make a 5 hole conversion, or even to increase the brakes?
  5. Hi everybody, I'm from Italy, Turin. I have an '82 Opel Mante GT/E, and I would like to convert it to c20xe engine. I will read all your posts about it and try to learn all I need to start this conversion. The engine is still in my hand, I think I need 1,8 sump, engine mounts and omega gearbox. Calibra C20LET clutch is suggested or necessary? Ciao!
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